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Well I'm completely new to internet marketing in general though I already know, this is where I want to make my money. I can see myself working hard on it because I believe I can make it work.

- Just 1 problem.

Too many options

I joined the war-room and wow there is slightly (too much) info in there. I've read up on everything from:

Article Writing
Press Releases
Creating a product
Website Flipping
Website Flopping
and the list goes on...

But my main question is how do I decide where I should be. Every method appeals to me in some way or the other but nothing is definitive enough to say: "That's the one for me!"

So I just wanted to ask the fellow warriors, how did you go about getting into your space? Any advice, or tips for me?

I know it's a very opinionated thing and most of the responses will be: "No-one can tell you what works for you, decide it for yourself"

But honestly I just need some tips on helping myself eliminate what won't work for me.

P.s.: Have to say the warriorforum is truely a kick-ass place to be

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    Hi Dave,

    I gravitated toward stuff which I picked up quickly. Running a blog and writing articles seemed easy enough, and although it wasn't nearly as easy as I thought I decided to move toward blogging as soon as I took to the online world.

    You could say that blogging resonated with me. I liked the idea so I ran with it.

    Assess your talents now. What do you enjoy doing? What do you do best? Usually these skills match quickly with one or more IM techniques, or at least you'll take to 1 or 2 more quickly than others.

    Ryan Biddulph
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Dave - I completely understand where you're coming from since I'm a newbie myself and will admit that the Warrior Forum can be an intimidating place as it's absolutely LOADED with successful people who are marketing at a level that we just can't grasp...YET!

      If nothing is jumping out at you, I highly suggest joining several forums and just give it a little time (I'm talking a week or two). Eventually you will find yourself learning a phenomenal amount, but slowly, but surely, you will start becoming interested in one form over some of the others.

      THAT's the one you run with...the one that naturally sparks your interest!

      One of the most overlooked aspects of marketing is that it should be ENJOYABLE! Just expose yourself to the information and see which one jumps out at you because the last thing you want to do it just jump right into something that you're not passionate will not be congruent in your messages, people will sense it, and will ultimately fail!

      Best of luck...keep me posted. PM me if you have any questions!

      Yours in success,
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    Thanks a lot for the help guys, I guess I just need to give it some time and not let the information overload get the better of me.
    Check out my latest blog post...

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    True comments from Ryan as well...

    if u have taken info regarding all such concepts deeply, then moreover u can try for SEM, Google Adwords, Adsense, Analytics & other productive online marketing strategies cum promotional tools.

    i have been using a lil bit of them, a jack of all trades haha... i m doing well with my services.

    Google offers a lot of stuff which u can even try & moreover go over entreprenuer web to look for some hot stuff too...

    waiting for you guys cool responses
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    There are a lot of techniques and methods you can utilize to begin making cash online. On top of that, some methods cross paths with each other to make matters even more daunting.

    It can be difficult to filter through all of the information here. I liken the sensory overload to being in a Casino for the first time. Thousands of machines to play and you need to pick the right one to be a "winner!"

    Whatever you do, pick ONE thing and work at it until it you make it work. If you can't get over that first hurdle with one method what makes you think you will have the tenacity to get over the first hurdle with another?
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    Information overload is a problem many newbies go through. My suggestion is: do not read everything, pick an area of interest and concentrate on it.

    Most importantly, pick one method of making money, work on it until you become successful.

    Do not jump from one program to another. Pick one and stick to it.

    Please note that whichever method you decide to go with, one thing that is very important to all is traffic generation.

    Traffic is the life blood of your online business, without traffic, you will not make money; so be sure to start getting used to traffic generation methods and pick a few you like and concentrate on them.
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    You can also ask yourself, is there anything you do NOT want to do? That may help weed out some of your choices.

    For example, I don't like writing or research. So that eliminated a ton of stuff for me.

    Solomon Huey
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    Well I started by writing articles for others until I realised I could be making more by writing them for myself.
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    I think you should make your choice based on your situation. If you are on a tight budget, go with article marketing, seo or anything that's free. If you are willing to spend some money for fast results then consider PPC, PPV and media buying.

    If you really don't know how to choose, just choose!

    The most important things is that you make a choice and keep focused for weeks or even months. If you give up too soon and move on to another method/system you will restart everything from zero.

    Focus and persistence are the keys to make money online!

    Steal My Profit Strategy

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