Trick For Stuffing The Offline Pipeline. Get tomorrow's business TODAY!!!!

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Dale Carnegie once said that everyday companies make millions of dollars by what?

"The simple turn of a good phrase"

So here's one that should be at least worth a few thousand to you:

"Let me ask, have you folks registered your domain yet"?

Let me explain.

If a customer says "I wanna do a website but just not right now... I'm putting it on the back burner..."

What do you say?

Okay I'll call you back next month and give every other guy in the world a chance to sell you in the meantime"?

Thats one way.

Here's another:

"Okay I understand, dont have the time right now huh? Too much on your plate...?"

Customer: "yeah I've been meaning to get to it but I just have so much going on..."

Me: "Let me ask have you registered your domain yet"?

"Well, I'll tell you what, it doesnt cost but $10.00 to register, and even if you arent ready for a site yet, its a good idea to register before someone else gets it... you can always build a website down the road... I'd be happy to do that much for you anyway".

Customer: "How much would you charge me for that"? (cha-ching! Buying signal here).

Well, I cant see charging you for something like that but... just remember me whenever you go to do your website, is that fair enough? I'd love the opportunity to earn your business...actually, heck, if you think you're gonna be doing this in the next month or two, I'll be glad to go ahead and even put a page up for you that says your website is coming soon ... that would at least put you ahead of the game and get your URL drawing some traffic in the meantime"

1 out of 3 people you offer this to will says yes. 10 bucks is easy to say yes to, especially wwhen they know it doesnt even go to you directly... furthermore... you practically have the job in the bag now.

They are more than likely going to tell the other salesmen "I already have a web guy" from this point on.

It is especially important to get this guys email addy and call him back once every two weeks to check up on him... he may not be closed on $1,000 today... but he's 90% closed for next month and you can use the sale next month as much as you could this week.

Keep stuffing the pipeline.

When they are ready to do their website (which now is more in their "forefront" than before) you will be the guy that gets the job.

If you are currently converting prospects at 5%.... this is a trick that can make that 10%...

There are all kinds of things you can do to push that percentage just 2 or 3% higher and higher till almost no one is saying "no" to you.

4 or 5 little tricks like that and you will be closing every third call.

Everything you can do that increases conversion, increases conversion.
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    Great little technique John. What you are doing is getting COMMITTMENT from them. It's only $10 but $10 is showing commitment to you....AND BLOCKING OFF ANY OTHER "WEB GUYS".

    Nice clever little trick. In offline marketing consulting, it's all about the subtleties of your craft.

    Success to you John,

    Chris Negro

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      There is a theory about this , being the 'yes ladder'

      To get someone to say 'yes' to something big, you make them agree with little things first, as it builds trust.

      Negotiators use it all the time, as do salesman.

      A Window salesman :
      Direct: 'Do you want to buy new windows?'
      Indirect: 'I see you have a nice house', 'I see your windows are old' 'Does it get cold or noisy?' 'Do you want to get rid of that problem?' "Do you want to buy new windows?'

      Upselling is the same thing. Get them to buy something first (first yes) then get them to buy something more expensive.

      All about the yes ladder.
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    In offline marketing... if you can even get a person to hand you a mere $100. for a webpage, that person is now your customer,and they are cut off from most all other marketers. If it takes building a site for $100 do it.

    You get

    A: That persons hosting
    B: Inevitably they want their site to grow, you get all the work.
    C: You get first dibs on doing the marketing for them...

    The key is "Yes", get someone to go one mile with you, then when you get them to the end... ask them to go another.

    Dont ask them to go ten miles for you right from the start... dont overwhelm them all at once... just be easy to say yes to and "get their business"... even if its only $10.00

    You can sell them all day long down the road... lock them in. Make them "your customer".
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      It's ages since I've been to Warrior. Just popped back to say that I've been reading for a few hours now on the other thread about Telesales .. and now this one.

      Great piece of ingenuity to "add value" rather than letting them go.
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    Yeah I agree,

    Dale Carnegie is a genius! and so are you mate. I think what we need to do is to delay gratification. So many people want to make the money right now. But if you wait a little while. You could make 10 even 100 times more.

    A good lesson for us all.

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    That's a bit of a mindset change for me John, but it makes so much sense - thanks

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    Excellent idea John,... thanks for sharing this little tip.

    A great little hook to get them on board,... and at the same time offering them 'genuinely helpful advice',... 'cos once that domain has been registered elsewhere,... it's gone.

    I really hate the cliche,... but it IS a definite "Win, Win!" situation,... which is the ONLY way to sell if you understand the 'Life Time Value' of your customers.

    It's all about delivering as much value as you can to your customers,... the money will naturally flow from there. ;0)
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