Good free alternative to Photoshop

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Can anyone recommend anything?

In particular I'm looking for similar tool actions such as clone stamp tool, drawing options.

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    1. GIMP

    2. Krita

    3. Paint.NET

    4. ChocoFlop

    5. Cinepaint

    6. Pixia

    7. Pixen

    8. Picnik

    9. Splashup

    10. Adobe Photoshop Express

    Hope that Helps,
    Have a Great Day!
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    GIMP is always mentioned as a good FREE alternative to Photoshop.

    However, not sure that it has the features that you have stated in you post.

    I amsure that other 'graphic type' warriors can enlighten us.

    Peter V
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    i read ur comment & can tell you that there are a number of software apps which u can use as an alternate to photoshop.

    They include GIMP, paint .net, GIMP shop, Sea Shore, Pinta, Cine Paint & many more in the line.

    You will be surprised to know about the softwares stated above are mostly used by tons of users as they are opensource & are used by beginners, newbies & professional developers as well
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    GIMP and PAIN.NET have always been my quick and dirty tools. But nothing beats Photoshop.
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    I recommend you GIMP, because (for me) it's the best alternative to Photoshop.
    Has approximately the same features as Adobe Photoshop, it's free and supported by all operating systems.
    You can learn very easy how to use it by looking at the lot of tutorials available on the internet.
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      It seems that Gimp is the way to go then.

      Thanks to everyone for all your suggestions.


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    There's Photoshop Elements which is cheaper but still commercial, and GIMP is ok, but nothing comes close to Photoshop.

    When a competitor gets big and starts edging in on Adobe's market share, they just buy the company and absorb it.
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    Nice list Michael. In particular Picnik is super handy.

    The only other one I'd add to that list is: Photo editor online pixlr free edit image direct in your browser

    I personally find it superior to any other non-photoshop graphics app, including GIMP.
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    Just a quick update...

    I've now installed GIMP and it is perect for my photo editing needs.

    Thanks again to Michael Mayo for the original recommendation and for everyone else's suggestions.


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    Here is the exact process I use to build killer graphics WITHOUT using photoshop!
    1. Build your graphic in Excel. - Yes the spreadsheet program. It has a lot of great built in shapes and templates that you can use to build just about any graphic including ebook covers, DVD's, and buy now buttons.

    2. Once you have built your graphic and it looks exactly how you want it to, copy it and paste it into This way you can eliminate the background and make it a floating graphic!

    It is all very simple and straight forward and anyone can do it. You do not need to be a graphic designer!
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