The Real Value of Guest Blogging

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Guest Blogging is a very good way to get both high quality links and
direct traffic from those who read your post and find it interesting.
Similar to writing an article try to give just enough information
to be useful but leave the more interested person wanting more, and
an author bio that suggests more can be found by visiting your blog.

When you see a link given to your competitor in a blog you can ask this blog if they will let you make a guest post. Make the post 100% original and don't put it anywhere else, before or after. I have done blog posts on sites with 20,000 visitors a month and seen regular referral traffic.

Ways and places to hook up more guest blogging

Guest Blogging: The Ultimate Guide
One of my favorite blogs too.

Guest Blogging Guidelines | QuickOnlineTips
Very informative

15 Secrets of Successful Guest Bloggers

6 Benefits of Guest Blogging + 9 Tips for Better Guest Blogging
By Ann Smarty, a prolific SEO blogger who started the My Blog Guest Forum
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