How to do information product research if you don't know much about the subject?

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Hi.. I'm a newbie here and I'm wondering how do pros here can came up with so much information and make products? I'm currently trying to create a product but I'm lacking of information. Do you guys mind to share your research methods here?

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    It is called research...
    Start with the internet and then consider a library.....magazines

    Or hire an expert to develop the information form you...
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    The easiest way to create a product :

    1. Buy the best limited PLR you can find.
    2. Rewrite it.
    3. Order a new set of graphics -
    4. Create an audio/Video version of it - use powerpoint and camstudio (for added value)

    Tada! new product.

    All the best,
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  • The real secret about writing a product in an area you know nothing about... is research...

    You need to spend a lot of time reading, taking in information and then compiling it into a convenient form. You can't add value as being a niche expert, so the value is in the way you compile and present the information from multiple different sources. Forums are particularly good for this (and I'm suggesting primarily non-IM forums).

    For the IM niche, a great type of product is to try things out for yourself, find out what works and what doesn't, then present that as a valuable case study.


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    All of the above.

    Plus, you could also visit forums and scour Yahoo answers for the subject. That way you can get a good handle on what questions people need answered on the topic and make a product that provides a solution!

    Gone Fishing
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    Thank you.

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      Here is how you generally research a niche which you're unfamiliar with,

      1. Search for forums and blogs related to the niche and copy the consolidated information you've read in a Word document.

      2. Go to Ezine Articles and make note of the popular topics that are discussed. Visit the author resource boxes for more information and to know what products they are promoting using the articles.

      3. Search on Alexa and find the the top ranking websites for your major keywords to see what type of information authority websites have.

      4. Go to Google's Advanced search and search for PDFs and Powerpoint files for the market. You'll find a lot of interesting information.

      5. Buy one or two Clickbank products which you think you'll have a chance of writing and improving on.

      This should give you a good start.
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    Treat is as a School or College assignment.

    What would you do if you had write an essay about something you didn't know anything about?


    Now there is 100s of ways to go about it. First stop Google/Wikipedia

    From there you can check out top quality Blogs that talk about the same topic.

    Search Yahoo answers to see if people have asked questions on the topic. There is good chance some people have replied to the question too and most leave with a link there for further information.

    Go to The largest Message Boards and Forums on the web! to find forums in your niche and you'll land yourself in a goldmine of information on your chosen niche/topic.

    Create a folder

    Next stop, EzineArticles Submission - Submit Your Best Quality Original Articles For Massive Exposure, Ezine Publishers Get 25 Free Article Reprints - Articles on pretty much any topic under the Sun.

    Like someone mentioned, if its a common niche you can easily get PLR articles/ebooks on the subject too.

    Best way is to create a folder and drop all the stuff that you find there and compile it and format it in a form that makes sense. Rewrite it or create audio/video out of it give your own personal touch.

    Hope it helps.

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    Thanks for the information guys.. really appreciate them
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