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What can or could be done about article spinners?
It seems as though a lot of the users are not aware of the proper use and too many spun articles with grammatical and poorly structured paragraphs are being published.
It may not be very long before the search engines begin de-indexing sites that do not offer" a good web experience."
Why would non-english speaking writers publish work in english?
This may not bode well..
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    When you say "article spinner" are you referring to the software or the people?

    I don't think spinning will stop. It's just too profitable...
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    You know some (well most) of the spun articles are crappy, but I highly doubt that Google will ever be able to tell that the content is crappy because of a spinner or is crappy because the person just can't (or doesn't care enough to) write prioperly.

    Take a look at this comment about NPT suing mobile email device builders

    Throw It Out Judge Are NPT Stiil Leading Way In Devlopment And What About Patiant Law?
    This Is Complex Wheres Nut And Bolts Ov Case ?
    Hr Invested In Escrow Wasent That Racked In Scandle ?
    Was A Guy In Uk First Invented Fax Sumwhere In Scotland A Hill Billy A Thinks
    Anyway A Think NPT Could Lose On Grounds Of Abandenment And Up Holding Product Del " Why" What Product Del Have Thay Made " Not " Licance Holders " NPT " And Now The Monoply Compitision Commision Would Have To Get Involed As Its Part Of Modern Day Life
    So Think NPT Would Be Very Stuped To Raise ?There Heads @ This Time .... Sould Av Just Had A Little Of A Lot
    USA STACK em HIGH Sell Them Cheap ...................... Think This Escrow Thing Has Made Em Gready
    Most spinners I know of would have produced better content than this person actually wrote...and they actually intended people to read and be able to comprehend their crap

    Was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich stärker

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      I do not know if it is the articles spinner or the writer but I find an awful of misspellings in articles. I am not the greatest writer but I always check my spelling before I publish anything. I even find spelling error in the title of what they are trying to promote. I don't know about you but that is a big turn off for me. I figure if they can not even spell their product right, they are not to interested in what they are doing.
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        There should be minimal spelling errors when spellcheck is available everywhere.
        The attempt to clean up the web.
        Let's hope the technology develops to discern good from bad, there are not enough humans to physically check web content.
        We still have problems with spam
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          I do agree that some people go way too far with article spinners posting all kinds of crap just to get loads of backlinks, but honestly if you're using an article spinner in a smart way I don't see any reason why you could be penalized at some point. It's not like Google is gonna find out who's using a spinner and who's not, I think they're more likely to find out who's using one PROPERLY and who's not... An article spinned well just can't be flagged.
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    You can set up an article to read perfectly. Just give each sentence two alternatives then spin synonyms within each sentence. Works like a charm. Takes time but it is worth it to me. Right no wthere is no automated way to make really good articles, some are OK at it but still not close to high quality.

    as far as speling erors ar coserned it is sumthin yu have to liv wit
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    Meh, I tried a lot of articles spinners, but frankly speaking, language is too complex for any cheap bot/spinner would do...

    you can try a spinner, and then you'd have to recheck it so that the words or paragraphs would make sense, by the time you're finished, you be drained mentally that it would just be easier if you have rewritten the whole thing by yourself from the start...
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    The best way to spin is to ensure that you rewrite each sentence 3 times and then add in synonyms to each word as as many words as possible. However, saying that, they HAVE to ABSOLUTELY make sense. I read my articles over and over again and create many spins before I am happy with the final product. Just an example, to spin a 500 word article with 3 variations can take me almost a full day like 6-8 hours. Anyone who says that they can do it in an hour or so is IMO either fantastically gifted or they are cutting corners hence the spelling and grammatical errors.

    The benefit is that once its done, its done, you won't need to touch it again for a long time and will be able to get lots of mileage out the spun article.


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