keyword research? broad, phrase, exact, or average, or all?

by BJ Min
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i like doing keyword research with market samurai...
in the past, i did mostly exact searches...

but what about you guys...

do you focus on broad, phrase, or exact?

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    To get the best bang for your "buck," I would go exact. That is where most of your incoming traffic is going to come from.

    I would use phrase in addition if you want to stretch and get the attention of the "long tail" crowd.

    Forget broad....I don't even know why MS gives that option! I just got Market Samurai on a 90 day trial and it works like a charm.
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        Exact. I'm sure there must be a reason for using others, I just haven't figured it out yet. :confused:

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          Originally Posted by sanssecret View Post

          Exact. I'm sure there must be a reason for using others, I just haven't figured it out yet. :confused:
          Sure are good reasons to use all these options. By sticking to 'Exact' you only get to know your short term potential of hits that you can count on. Good to know of course, as you need to be sure enough potential traffic can flow to your site.

          If you go back a notch to 'Phrase' you will get a larger number of potential hits IF your site is continuing to develop its links and content, after which the search engine will include YOUR site in the larger pool of hits, giving YOUR site the chance to hit the top.

          Going back further to 'Broad' you see another level, further out in time, of search engine results that can channel YOUR website to ALL those traffic hits, but only IF your site has developed itself further and shown the searchbots that it is of value. So as more people type in Broad phrases YOUR site gets to show in the ranking thanks to its age, page rank, good links, etc...

          A Market Samurai video explains this better than me, so take a look at this one here: Understanding Match Type Data.

          Hope that helps you get back to using Phrase and Broad. Like others here, I tend to use Phrase as a starting point but also check on Exact and Broad to be sure I have the growth potential ahead (Broad), as well as short-term satisfaction (Exact).

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    I only do exact match. Broad match search doesn't make too much sense to me.
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    I'll have to buck the crowd here and say phrase...sorta...I start with phrase and get a good sense and then run a select few (from phrase) with exact...
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    I have ranked hundreds of keywords, and bid on thousands in ppc. As far as impressions and clicks, I would say that from my own testing and experience that Phrase match is probably the closest.
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    I do Exact match also.
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    I've always gone with exact match. To me it just seems like a more accurate way of assessing a keyword.

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    ok...speaking of keyword research...
    one of the FIRST STEPS is to look at VISITORS & COMPETITION...

    now let's say you get a good amount like:
    - 30 visitors a day (minimum)
    - 60,000 competitors (maximum)

    I can get that list pretty QUICKLY...

    AFTER THAT, (especially for market samurai users), you can study
    the TOP 10 pages for the keyword...

    from there, you get green checkmarks and red checkmarks...'s surprising to see some good keywords don't have many green checkmarks...(because competitors have HIGH PR, lots of backlinks, etc)...

    how do you CHOOSE teh right keywords since you need to in account:
    1) # of visitors & competitors
    2) analyze top 10 webpages for that keyword

    or is #1 the only thing you focus on...or #2...or both? and how so?

    any comments?

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    I use the exact match to see what the true traffic of a keyword is. The "broad" option just gives you a vew of what different keywords the keyword tool takes into account for traffic,and why you see the numbers inflated in comparison to the exact numbers.
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