3 Golden Eggs to help increase your blog traffic

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Hey, WF.

Wanted to share some good content here. Enjoy

#1: Keyword Research
Keyword Research is so important before you even decide to post a blog article.

For instance, this blog post is being written to rank well for "increase blog traffic."

I know that this is an attainable keyword and I'm already getting some traffic from that. My goal is to release this article and get a better ranking for the keyword which will bring more traffic.

Not only that, but it is directly related to what people are searching for.
Make sure to include your keyword in your title tag and article name. Use the proper category as well.
Look at my full url of this article. You will see it's optimized for the search engines.
Also, note that using h1 and h2 tags are weighted more and so is bold font to a degree.

#2: Great Content
No one will stay on a site with junk content that has improper grammar, spelling, and just poor value.
Make your blog posts count and people will keep coming back to your site and recommending it to their friends as well!

#3: Network with other bloggers related to you.
Now that you have great content, share it! Find bloggers that you look up to and respect and see if they need a guest blogger or if they would like to publish some of your previous written content.
Doing this will get you traffic going back to your site if done correctly.

This was taken from Increase Web Site Blog Traffic btw.
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    Great Tips!
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    Nice tips. Thanks for sharing. And Content is the king so we should work more for the second point in the tips.
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      Originally Posted by Paul Barrs View Post

      Yes. Now number three. That's the one that's easiest to do of them all yet we so often overlook it... because it involves working with *real* people !

      Some of my my profitable JV's have come through people with whom I originally did an article swap or similar.

      Paul Barrs

      LOL... Paul you are so right. Most marketers get so absorbed by the online world they tend to forget the people to people contact, even if it is virtual. I think ALL of your tips are basic principles that should always be applied when promoting not just blogs, but any other site or program. I also think that combining ALL of those will render the biggest results, instead of doing one or the other.
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    I also think #3 is the real key to long-term success with a blog. I had a buddy with a really funny personal blog. He commented a lot on some top comedians' blogs, and one of them kind of befriended him. She put a link to his funny blog in her blogroll and holy crap! My buddy was getting server crashing traffic from that one link. He's not the marketing type, but I convinced him to put a little funny newsletter type of thing out every month and showed him how to add a simple Aweber lead capture box. Last time I talked to him, he had something like 4,500 subscribers and was thinking about putting out a line of t-shirts.

    All from his interactions with other blog owners who shared his interest. #3 is a killer tip!

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    You can replace #3 with doing some deeplink blog commenting for each post.
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    Thanks for the information. Great tips.
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