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I'm sorry I don't know how to search the threads to see if anyone has posted anything about this before...

I am working with a public domain document (published by a US Federal Government agency). It is a pdf file. Unfortunately, it contains many essential tables and charts and when I try to convert the file to a Word document, it loses all the pictures, and all the formatting. I don't mind as much about the graphics, but the tables were really essential to the information presented in the ebook, so I am stuck with manually formatting those unless anyone has a better suggestion? I really would rather not have to do it manually, since it is a couple hundred pages long, and it would take me weeks to do it, trying to fit it around my job (I work full time, I don't do this ebook stuff full time). I really need a way to crack this stupid pdf file and get the tables out of it so I can copy and paste them into Word as I edit the rest of the text.

I have heard there might be a way I could crack the pdf so that I can edit it directly, but I have NO IDEA how to do this!!

If anyone has any suggestions of a way to do this quickly, please let me know!!

thank you,

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