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Hello Warriors, Certified newbie warrior here. I just recently decided to dabble in IM and then I found this forums. And it seems to be a treasure trove of information and knowledge when it comes to IM and other plethora of things, well I do positively think it is. Hoping to learn more from this forums and also be able to share my limited knowledge to fellow members here.. Godspeed...
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    Welcome. I'm new too. Its become my favorite forum. Great wealth of knowledge here. The culture of the group seems to be really helpful and honest. No B.S. allowed - quite refreshing. Hope you enjoy too.
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      I'm kinda new here too. But I love it, I feel like I discovered a goldmine. Some posts are opportunities on spot. You should bookmark these. And most of the time they don't require a large time investment. Depending on what alot of time is to you. So much to say about this site but...welcome and have fun....now let's make some money

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        Welcome to the only Forum you really need - that's the truth.
        I've been here for years, I'm just not a very big poster.

        You really have found the goose that lays golden eggs here.

        Make sure you check out the Warrior Special Offer's (or WSO's)
        on a regular basis for some outstanding products, some are even FREE.

        As a matter of fact there is one in there right now that is giving
        away an excellent 20Pak of free header graphics - great ones too!

        Anyway, enjoy to your hearts content.....

        - Garrett
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    Welcome to the forum. We are here to help you. Read, learn, apply and have fun.
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  • Hey Spike. Your love for anime is quite apparent. Big earning potential in that niche, my friend.

    - Johnny
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    Welcome to the biggest and best im forum on the web. i am sure you will learn alot here. Many experienced and big name marketers spend time here and offer advice. Good luck!!!!

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