High Ticket Or Low Ticket First?

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Hey Warriors...

Here's the scenario:

You partner someone for a JV, to create a solid product that's related to the IM community aka how to make money online. It's going to be a solid product, you know it, with no stone left unturned. You plan to target the IM newbies and anyone else who's struggling to make money online.

Personally, you've been making some money online...nothing to boast about, just some high 4 figure profits monthly, and so has your partner. Problem is, the IM community HAS NOT heard about the 2 of u AT ALL.

In that case, would you go ahead and still price the product at high-ticket level or would you release other products at lower levels first to build some credibility?

What would you do, if your partner insists on going high-ticket...like 497 and up?

Mister Bryan
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    Why not establish your bonafides first. Conduct a series of podcasts, interviews, classes and online tutorials to develop your rep. Get a series of testimonials and become Google-worthy so that your reputation is identifiable.

    It is important for your students to have a sense of your history and credibility in order to justify the cost of your program. If you feel that the program is worth the effort and cost, go with it and be sure to offer an ROI for your program. You may be selling the emotional sizzle but you'll also need logical justification for them to own their decision. Hope that helps.

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    How about starting a membership site instead, where you drip out the content over an 8-month period and charge $47 a month? You still get about what you wanted for your product, and the barrier to entry is fairly low. If your content is good, people will continue to pay for it. And if you keep cranking out content, you may be able to surpass your $497 mark per customer.
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    Personally establish yourself 1st, BUT I do remember Tristan Bull, cam out with a $1997 product straight away and people bought it so it can swing both ways! Truthfully cost is not a factor if you can build a re pour with your soon to be customers...
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    Originally Posted by Mister Bryan View Post

    What would you do, if your partner insists on going high-ticket...like 497 and up?
    Go high-ticket.

    Seriously, what's the worst that can happen? People don't buy?

    That's where you are now!
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