Offliners - How do you drive traffic to local clients?

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A mate of mine is wanting to start his own Chartered Accountancy firm and is in the middle of getting a website developed. He asked me for some advice about traffic so I told him about keyword research etc. Thing is, all the keywords he wants to rank for either have <50 local searches per month or no data is available (using Google's KW tool). And these are keywords like "mycityhere accountants".

So how do you drive traffic to a site if only a handful of people are searching for it? I mean, getting to the first page of google seems like a lot of work for potentially a maximum of 50 visits.

Many thanks.
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    Use long tail keyword, for example, people will use keywords like 'Established Chartered Accountancy in (area)'

    Broaden your horizon, do not fight for small search amounts, if its a local area its better to spread the word of the website offline, yell is also another brilliant option as it is search based on the area.

    If you need any SEO services please PM me for prices etc.

    Best Regards

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      If it's a business like an accountant a handful of traffic is all you need.

      Remember that to an accountant just one client might be worth many thousands of dollars.

      Also many of those search terms you found that only get a few searches every month might be REALLY easy to compete for (just putting up one optimized page with one or two backlinks might be enough to top Google for one longtail keyword phrase.)

      If you have 10-50+ pages like that all that high quality traffic adds up.

      With offline businesses remember that quality of traffic is really the key.

      A few highly qualified prospects finding a business site online with that site designed to move the prospect forward in the sales process is often all you need for the internet marketing to be effective.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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    For a smaller town I'd use other mediums as well.

    Local billboards, local newspaper, local radio, local tv

    ....they do still work and they are desperate to sell advertising.

    for his online presence I'd register / aquire all varations of [cityname][profession].com - If the competition is low for your keywords the domain alone should get you a decent ranking in the SEs.

    Hebrews 12:11

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    Go for long-tail keywords including the company name and town/area. This shouldn't be too difficult as the keywords should be small niche.

    You could think about facebook company page and linked-in for partner profiles.

    Good 'ol fashioned local & word-of-mouth marketing is best for this type of local B2B - although make sure the URL is good and printed on all stationary - letterhead, business cards etc. Make sure other things are in place, like email signatures including the website URL etc. listing might also be a good idea. This isn't expensive.

    Offline marketing - business link, business breakfasts etc.

    Best of luck!

    Justin Knightley
    ISO 9001 Quality Manual

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