The Remove/Promote feature on Google

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Does anyone think this will change the face of marketing as we know it?

Will enough remove votes cause pages to just vanish, no matter how good the promotion?

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    I think the face of marketing is too entrenched at this time for this to make a difference. I think something a lot more all emcompassing would be required.

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    Do you mean Google's beta "customize your results" thing?

    I think that's where search is eventually going to be headed.

    Standard indexing/spidering and algo rankings blended with user-chosen results based on relevance.

    It will become harder and harder to "game" Google.

    You'll have to actually be an authority.

    But this is really just my speculative prediction.

    There will always be "shortcuts".

    Personally, I do both. I have sites that ride shortcuts and SEO tricks, but my main moneymakers are things where I'm building real market presence with good content, building lists, products, etc.


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