Best Program to Email Someone Once Per Day? Once per week?

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I want someone to buy my monthly package of emails and email them once per day.

I also want someone to get emails once per week for 52 weeks in order.

Please suggest a program or company that will allow me to email signed up users once per week in a certain order and starting when they sign up.

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    I'd use Icontact!
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      Oh so Icontact lets you send emails in a certain order. For example is someone signs up on the 5th day of the month I would want them to get the first email on the 5th day and the second email one week later and so on.

      But if another person signs up on the 3rd I would want them to get the first email on the third and another one a week later.

      Does Icontact let you do that?
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    Most autoresponders can do this. You just queue them up and you can set the schedule. If someone new signs up they automatically get the first message and then the following messages afterwards according to your schedule. I use aweber.

    I started with nothing and still have most of it left!

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    aweber is a great service
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      Yes . . .I vote a second for Aweber. You can schedule your follow-ups daily, every other day, every third day . . .you decide. I have used TrafficWave, GetResponse and Aweber. I personally would recommend Aweber.

      Go out and make it a great day!
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    You can use an autoresponder to accomplish this (like aweber or icontact mentioned above) or Big Mike has a software to do this too (Content Management?).

    There are other options to set this up too, but it just depends on how easy or how sophisticated you want it to be.

    Greg Schueler - Wordpress Fanatic... Living The Offline Marketing Dream...

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    I think most autoresponder softwares and services can do exactly what you're looking for. I personally use Getresponse and you can do just that.
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    Thank you so much! I was thinking aweber but wanted to get some smart peoples opinion. =)
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    I hear people talk about using Aweber and iContact - these services allow you to schedule your mails. But going by your initial question of sending follow up mails based on when they subscribe won't be easy. To achieve this I guess you would need to integrate their system with your own custom code.

    That way you can effectively query your database for when someone subscribed and send of emails subsequently.

    Just a thought though
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    I think you would be MUCH better off by:

    1. Finding a client that will pay for a length of emails - 1 year, 6 monthly
    2. You get paid to write the content
    3. After you get paid, you can set up an auto responder specfically for that client. Just send them to the form.

    Very unique idea but I think it could work
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