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I just saw a free autoresponder service.

So if you don't have money you can try that out.

Wish you sucess
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    MailChimp is another auto responder that can be free (for the first 500 subscribers). I've used it in the past and it does work well.

    But keep in mind that when you build a list you usually cannot transfer that list over very easily to another service such as Aweber. Since they require your subscribers to opt-in.
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    Second vote for MailChimp. Though I'm well past the free account stage, I know that you can have 500 subscribers and send 3,000 messages a month for free (I just checked).
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    From my experience I would say that one should decide on an autoresponder and stick to that. You loose your list every time you change.

    Count the expense as necessary as domain hosting and may be your view point could be different.

    Having a professional autoresponder is a huge asset we often try too underestimate in the beginning.
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  • Profile picture of the author DotComBum is another free service.
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    Seems nice. I have use mailchimp as well, and it was great. Although, I have to agree with Arun. Many of us in the beginning think of the few dollars a month saving, a free autoresponder could make possible, but we dont think of how much subscribers, sales and ultimately money we will lose when we realize we need a bigger and better autoresponder.
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    Mail Chimp has been adding some great features.

    We were also able to import a small list into Mail Chimp as well, so that is good to keep in mind, but the 500 for free is still a great place to start.

    They are now connecting to for Social Media targeting including demographics.

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    You list is your most valuable asset, so you want to get it right the first time, do not use a free service as you will very soon move to a paid option and have to start from scratch and lose most of your subscribers.


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    Ill second what a few others have said above, pick your provider wisely. Changing over and taking your list with you will be a pain when getting your current subscribers to optin again.
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      I've heard that free auto-responders tend to get labeled as spam more often. Or maybe that is just self hosted auto-responders.

      Anyone know more on this?
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    Thanks for the tip!
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    I would love to find a solid responder..

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    thank you very much... i will check it out
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      Just a couple of points to ponder...

      Firstly, if you have any ambition to grow your mailing list(s) to a reasonable size, you should seriously consider starting with one of the major autoresponder companies. The entry level with these companies is low enough to get you started and you won't have the hassle of trying to transfer your list to them when you grow. And that transfer can be a real pain - especially when your new autoresponder requires your list to re-opt in (as most of the reputable autoresponders do).

      Secondly, for those considering using MailChimp, you should be aware that their TOS forbids the use of any affiliate marketing. So if you're planning to ever offer any affiliate products to your list (as most internet marketers do), you ought to think again.

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          When I moved to GetResponse I was able to move my single and double
          opt-in lists with approval from GetResponse staff. It wasn't a one-click
          process and it took about 48 hours, but they did it - so GR is one that,
          at least in my case, was happy to let me import my lists.

          That said, I think it makes sense to start with a system that will grow with
          you. I'm a little baffled at the recommendations for MailChimp - it is a
          cool product but the TOS are hostile to affiliate marketers and I'd really
          watch out even if you wanted to promote your own products if they
          have any relation to the "make money" niches with MailChimp.

          Preferable then would be to choose a service that understands how
          internet marketers use autoresponders. There are several.
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    I agree with continuing with a good auto responder. Frank Donovan has given good reasons to choose wisely for affiliate marketers. Nice post Donovan!
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    When you use a free autoresponder, normally your delivery rate is much lower.

    If you start with one of the top ones such as Aweber, you will protect your list information and have a much easier way of working with creating your landing or squeeze pages.

    If you do a Google search you will find they have a one dollar for the first months trial.

    This is a very low-cost way of getting started ... and I think the best way to protect your list ... because when you change, your list will have to double opt in.

    That means you're probably lose some, and that's the last thing you want to do.

    All the best ... Ron
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    Are your messages getting delivered to their inboxes, or winding up in the spam folder? I was told that one of the reasons to pay for a reputable autoresponder service is that they have way higher delivery rates than the free ones.

    Personally, I think list building is too important to chance it on a free service.
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    aweber is the best in my opinion... free only for the fist month or $1 I may say for the first month... but great autoresponder service...
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    Don't have an autsponder now, but need one. Got the info. Thanks. I'll check it out asap.

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    Thanks for all the information, especially from Frank Donovan. I never knew that you can't sell affiliate productrs using MailChimp although I haven't bee caught yet. I can only recommend Awber as one of the best services. I just wish I could transfer my Mailchimp list to Aweber, but you can't without a re. opt-in

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    Iv been told it's better to not use one that have to use a awful free one
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    Has anyone tried infinite responder? It's not a service, but rather it's a free PHP script that you install in your domain. I've played with it a bit, and it seems to have all of the capabilities many would need.

    Advantages I see are : 1) ability to hack the code, 2) complete control over the mysql database.

    My only problem right now is getting the cron job to work on hostGator.
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    Listwire it's useful, but more useful is what schizoman told to us, the infinite respoder.
    I saw the php script and it's "to good to be light".
    Some tiny modifications and how did you say, the cron job must work on HG...
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    if you don't want to use a service, you could find a script that could be plugged into your server. if you know what you're doing of course.
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    Using AWEBER. Have tried iContact and CampaignMonitor. What I like about AW is the spam issue. From what I have seen, many autoresponders are getting stuck at the spam filter stage. AWEBER throws up the double opt in, and at first it seems like a hassle, but you know that the people signing up are really wanting your service. So your confidence in their names is high... at least for me it is.
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      get response has a free service I think for the first 50 subscribers then you have to upgrade to paid so I think you would be able to take your subscribers with you.
      Anybody had this experience they can share
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        get response is free for 0-100 then 9.95 for 101-500 then I think it $12 for 500-1000.
        start off with the free one then as your list grows they just move you to the next plan
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    I initially used GetResponse myself as I'm building my site/blog. The initial allowance of building a subscriber base w/o paying a monthly fee until you hit 100 subscriptions is what appealed to me. However, just in the initial testing I discovered that those initial 100 subscribers will be receiving an AD filled email taking up 50% of the page, yuky.

    While I understand where they are coming from, it does make for a Spamy looking attempt coming from your site. They do allow you to enter for $9.95 a month to start with an AD free responder, but their interface seems a bit clunky to me or else I'm a little thick skulled....

    As others have said with the importance of a LIST being paramount especially down the road and the inability of easily transferring that list that you will build this is as others have said super important to get right the first time and not skimp on the funds. I'll probably try out Aweber, since that's the de-facto service to go to and there's allot of online documentation to help you use the service online.

    my 2 cents...
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    free things always cost you more . use, it will cost you $20 per month for 10000 subscribers

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