Finally I understand what I was doing wrong

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I have setup a review site of various clickbank products. For my keyword research, I have been using Market Samurai. My site is around 6 weeks old and now I am starting to get how this IM game works although I have tonnes to learn and do.

My biggest problem I realize is that I truly didn't get what I was doing with keywords. I mean I selected them but didn't really know how to harness the power of MS. So last night I rewatched the videos and redid my research with WAY better results. I think I was just too impatient and partly lazy before. Newbie mistake.

I have a couple of questions though:

Now that I have my seed keyword (actually it is the original one I chose which is good) and have found some really good supporting keywords and long tail ones (which I wasn't using but rather was using related keywords I hadn'tfully researched) as per the MS training modules, I'm somewhat confused.

My site url, headers and tags etc. have the seed keyword. The Homepage lists all of the products I review with links to the independent reviews. I also have my blog posts (the site is self hosted Wordpress). So far, almost all anchor text on the site uses the seed keyword phrase (should have mentioned it is a 3 word phrase and not just a keyword).

The question is, where am I am supposed to use my secondary keywords? Should all the pages on the site include them with the seed word being mentioned the most at around 3% or so on each page?

Or, should the secondary keywords become primary words on seperate pages so that each page on my site has a secondary word as the primary for that page if that makes sense, while the seed keyword is still mentioned the most or mentioned slightly less. MS talks about using secondary words as categories. How does that work exactly? I know how to setup categories for posts but not for static pages I have created on the site.

This is really the only part I am confused about. Once I have a firm understanding of keyword placement, I expect to do real well based on what I have learned and am experiencing with my site.

Thanks in advance!
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