Turning Mp3 to CD... What to do?

by warriorgo 7 replies

I've recorded a bunch of mp3s and wanted to convert them into cds. Are there any recommended software that converts good and have the sound turn out decent?

Appreciate any answers!
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    Nero does a pretty good job as do most software packages.

    I've found it's more about trial and error given your cd writer, software and quality of blank disks you use.

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      You can also try Roxio software for this...

      Plus, Windows Media Player can probably do it too!


      P.S. To write as CD, do not burn as data.
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      iTunes can also do the trick. But you have to set the preferences first so that it burns as an audio disk, instead of mp3 data files.

      Put your recordings (mp3 or wav) in one playlist/folder, pop in the blank CD, choose the folder, click the burn button. And you can still play sounds while burning to disk. Somewhat easier to use than Nero. Though I also use Nero to burn audio CDs.

      Matter of choice, really.
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