Are Amazon affiliate commissions paid on all sales not just item sold by Amazon directly?

by Vidguy
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Hi. I am getting ready to roll out my first Amazon affiliate site. I read their tos but could not find any specifics as to whether Amazon pays commissions on all items listed on Amazon or just the ones they sell themselves. I suspect it is on all items, but I don't have much confidence of my understanding of the legaleze in their tos.

Sorry for the newbish nature of this thread, just wanted to be certain before I push certain products that may only be for sale by 3rd parties on Amazon.

Thanks for your reply in advance
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    It's on both items sold by amazon and by third parties. On the sales reports it shows how many sales you get by Amazon and third parties.
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      Amazon charges marketplace sellers enough per sale to cover affiliate commissions and still make a decent profit after credit card fees.

      Which is good because if you point someone over to Amazon and they decide to buy a used book, you certainly deserve and do get credit for that sale.
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