is your JVM working fine on hostgator?

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I just found that my site is not working, and the JVM system shows 500 Internal Server Error. Anyone has the same problem now? it was ok last night.

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    I had a problem recently with Hostgator unwhitelisting security settings
    which blocked me from logging into my Delavo install. I contacted hostgator
    and they whitelisted it again.
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    below it is the error message hostgator gave to me. and they said nothing changed on server.
    [Fri Jul 30 10:26:57 2010] [error] [client ......] Premature end of script
    headers: lyre.cgi, referer: ......

    FATAL: (Minima::Goth) Can't locate object method "getMainAdmin" via package
    "JVM::User::Admin" at /home/system12/public_html/cgi-bin/JVM-comp/en/sys-jvm/goth/ line 6.

    it runs ok for several years, suddenly has this problem. anyone got any clue?

    appreciate any hint. already submitted a ticket to turbohelpdesk


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    Cgi is a headache, which is why most membership scripts are coded in php. I would suggest checking the Delavo forum.

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    yes, I know. I also contacted the support, they simply say I need contact reseller. but I actually ordered it from the original site. Never had problem before. So, now, no support. having several guys working on, but can not figure out why.
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    thanks for all suggestions. finally, nailed it down. we believe it is server's setting changed. it took some time to convince the hosting, but we did it,


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