Pop Up Notification on new PMs ...

by MoaddinFM 5 replies
... is this option dead with the new forum software?

I kinda liked it and got used to it, as it was useful.

Is this option dead or am I just too silly to find it?

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    Hi Moaddin,

    if you go to your CP, and view the PM options, you'll see that you can select the popup.

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    On the WarriorForum that used Snitz, that little popup in the lower right hand corner and associated 'whir' like sound can not be replaced.

    There's hope yet! If you go to your User CP => Edit Options -> Messaging and Notifications => Private Messaging

    You can chose to have a pop up 'prompt' appear when you get a PM. This is very similar in theory to the little slide up window - just in a different location. That being said, while you are there you can also enable email notifications of Private Messages, which will email you a copy of any PM you receive with it's full contents.

    Very useful indeed!

    Hope this answers your question!

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