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For all you consultants out there. Can you recommend an article writer, press release writer and video guy I can use to create content for my offline clients.

I know there are plenty of warriors offering their services but it is sometime hard to know who is legit or not. I would just try some but I have deadlines so I have to get it right the first time.

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    Yea 99centarticles.com is what i use for the article writing and I think they'll do press releases to. A video guy you will have to post for on odesk.com. I have done it before and it works fine if you get the right person.

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    Originally Posted by lonniewa2 View Post

    I would just try some but I have deadlines so I have to get it right the first time.
    Wow - talk about making things difficult.

    It took me lots of projects before I found people I was completely happy with - and you have to get everything perfect first time? Good luck with that.

    There are lots of warriors who can do what you want - but only if you're not after dirt cheap prices.

    nothing to see here.

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    You have to try out a bunch of different people when you want to outsource work. And if you want a quality videographer expect to spend some serious cash. I have 2 I work with and they are not cheap.
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      I agree that you need to find the right people to get things done and it's not easy. Mainly because it;s hard to correlate cheap with quality.

      There are some gems out there. I have a few since I live in the Philippines but unfortunately none of them really do good video.

      I'll try to see who I can recommend.

      Let's see what we have.

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        What type of video work are you wanting?

        We are considered by many to be masters of video, but of course as Andy mentions price would be more than the majority of people on here (but so is the quality) PM me with any information and we can discuss.


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          I found its best to keep it simple. Elance hasn't let me down yet
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            thanks guys for your replies. I am trying to gather up an offline time for those tasks that I want to outsource out.
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    I can send you sample articles done by our employees. if you could provide your contact information, that would be great.
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