I need a download selling service!

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I am opening a site where I will be selling my web designs and ad banners. I am looking for a download selling service like Payloadz but without the fee per sale. I have also tried getdpd and I'm not quite convinced yet. I just don't like their admin panel at all.

I was hoping someone could recommend a quality service for me. Thanks in advance.
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    If I may to give you an advice: Never put a link in your signature that goes to a non-working site. Coming soon... as the worst thing you can have on your website when you "advertize" professional services to pros.

    I clicked because I was interested in getting some banners done. But I won't click your sig anymore. Sorry.

    As for your question: most people here sell "downloadable" products without any special service. They have a sales page > button goes to payment (payple, maybe) > buyer returns to the site: download page > and gets the product.

    e-junkie.com is another option: E-junkie Shopping Cart for selling downloads & tangible goods if you don't want to host your downloads.

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    Thanks for the tips. I'll take my sig out until my site is done. I'll also read about e-junkie.
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    I'll humbly point out my creation: DeliverMyFile.com

    It is a hosted solution, nothing to install, and it works on a rather unique pay-as-you-go system that is extremely affordable. You could sell and deliver 100 copies of an ebook for about $2.50. No monthly fees or nothin'.

    I just recently added integration with both ClickBank and PayDotCom to securely deliver your downloads through affiliate sales.

    It's different enough from existing services that it's worth a look. It might not be right for you, or it could be the perfect fit.

    FREE WSO: Protect and Automatically Deliver Your Digital Products

    Ask the Internet Marketing Geek
    <-- Happy to help with technical challenges
    MiniSiteMaker.org <-- Free software to make your mini-sites fast and easy
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    Hey Ryan,

    I read through your FAQ and help files... it looks pretty impressive.

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    Check out Pulley - Sell digital files online, downloadable products, music, video, art, photography, e-books, software, they are still in Beta, but if you give them your email address, they'll send you an invite in a couple of days or so and right now it's free.
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    Hi Andrew,

    If you don't want to pay fees per sale, then check out DLGuard:

    DLGuard - Download page protector, create expiring download links

    It is self-hosted, and so there are no ongoing fees.

    If you have any questions about it, please let me know - I'm happy to help!
    DLGuard v5 - The Warrior Edition
    Full integration with JVZoo, DigiResults, and WSO Pro for secure WSO's and WSO memberships.

    Serving the Warrior Forum since 2004
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