Article Marketing Does Work - I Made 52 Cents Today

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I know that may not seem like a lot to some of you but it is huge for me.

I submitted an article to Ezine Articles that got approved today. Took them about a week to approve it.

I know my abilities need some work and I will continually learn and implement the strategies I learn on this forum.

I just went to check the stats on my article and it had 33 views. From those 33 views 8 people clicked on one of the 2 URLs in my resource box. From those 8 views to my website, 2 people clicked on my Adsense links.


South Bay Bones
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  • You know, that ain't bad at all, SBB.

    What you have garnered from article marketing so far is direct traffic - traffic consisting of people who saw your article and your URL from the pages of eZineArticles itself and from the pages of other webmasters who republished the same. And in just a few hours, you've already earned some cash.

    In the coming days, you're bound to get more direct traffic.

    In the coming weeks, your website is bound to benefit from increased search engine traffic - courtesy of a more prominent position in search engine results by virtue of the back links you will gain because of your article.

    You're bound to earn more money, my friend! And that's just from a single article.

    Yeah, 52 cents may not be substantial enough for most people, but its significance can be immeasurable if such amount inspires you to work harder for your goals.

    Great job, SBB!
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    Congratulations! It's great that you have taken the joyous positive attitude to earning 52 cents. A lot of people would have been downcast at such a small amount. You will definitely succeed and that 52 cents will soon convert into dollars - big dollars - remember big oak trees grow from small acorns. Keep on working!
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      The first tiny bit of income means you have done something right. That's all it takes is to keep doing the same thing and it will lead to huge bonus time for you! Congrats on making more than 90% of the people who "try" to earn money online.
      Did you know that you can use Public Domain content for articles, blog posts, products, free reports and more? Debra's Public Domain Treasure Hunter blog can show you how....

      Ordinary Baby Boomer making money from home - Debra Conrad blog.
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    Gratz! It is great to see the first money coming in - no matter how big the sum
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      Thats excellent and you have the right attitude to do well
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    Hey Great Start!

    That is exactely how I started to and now I'm full-time IM. Keep at it and start submitting to a few more directories. When you find any successes start building little empires around them. Just do more of what works.
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    Congratulations... it is how you get started and will only improve if you keep it up.

    My wife has a blog that gets over 100 uniques per day in a very small niche. Over 67% of the daily traffic comes from article marketing and forms the basis for the sites income. The only thing to monetise the site is adsense and an eBook, but it makes daily sales and has done now for nearly 3 years

    So it goes to show what you can achieve with focus.

    Well done

    Sharing some posts worth reading over on Facebook

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  • congrats on your 52 cents

    If you can make one dollar online you can make $1 million
    "The successful man is the one who finds out what is the matter with his business before his competitors do"
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    Woo Hoo! It's a start and you have the ideal attitude for IM!

    Dana Prince - The SEO Writer~ Helping You Optimize Your Online Business

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      This is great news. :-)

      Remember to reinvest as the money grows. Don't just
      pull cash and spend it. Buy more articles so you can
      get more views, more clicks, and more money. Make
      that money work for you. Try not to spend it.

      ~ John

      Important message from John S. Rhodes:
      I think you're awesome.

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    Thank you to everyone for the encouraging feedback. Off to writing and submitting more articles.

    Once again, thanks.

    South Bay Bones
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    Everybody has to start out somewhere. I remember my first time earning online and it gives off such warm feeling. A sudden surge of motivation.. Keep it up...
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