Amazon Affiliates: How Good is Good

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My first Amazon affiliate site is about 8 months old and I'm wondering how to analyze the performance.

It has about a 72.5% bounce rate over its lifespan and I'm getting about 4 clicks-throughs per non-bounce visitor. The conversion rate, according to Amazon, is 5.85%.

The statistics keep getting better and better. July has been my best month yet. My bounce rate is down to 68.4% but I'm only getting about 1.7 click-throughs per non-bounce visitor (maybe a lot of my earlier clicks were bots?). This months conversion rate is 8.55% and my revenue is up 14% over last month with one day to go.

My first question is what should I be concentrating on now? More preselling content to improve my click-through and conversion rates, or driving more traffic? I don't really want to spend much time with site promotion if my content isn't as effective as it should be.

My second question is what metrics do you experienced Amazon affiliates use to judge the performance of your sites and what do you consider to be good?
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