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Hi Everyone,
As you know Adam Horwitz has come out with a program called Mobile Monopoly. Howie Schwartz also has one that teaches you how to be a leader in that niche. From the looks of it this is going to be a big opportunity.
My question to all of you is how many of you have actually clicked on an ad they saw on their cell phone and how many have actually bought anything from an ad they were sent via cell phone.
Just curious.
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    I do all the time "by accident".
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    Its to fresh idea. I thing he have in mind iAd (ad platform for iphone) this is only one good choice (still fresh). For now i dont klick on ad because i use (iphone) for search some info no surf the web.
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    Mobile marketing is a the most widespread and the fastest growing media channel in the world. About 30% of U.S. mobile device users are now browsing the mobile internet. As we become more and more comfortable with seeing mobile ads, mobile coupons and mobile offers, we will see a dramatic increase in the click-through rate and usage numbers.

    Remember the hesitation folks had about purchasing merchandise online using their credit card? Today, there are not many people who would hesitate to make an online purchase. I see the same thing happening with mobile marketing and using mobile devices to do all we do with desktops. It's just a matter of time.

    I think there are many opportunities to grow a very successful business in mobile marketing. And, as with anything, those who get in early or at the beginning are usually the ones who reap the largest rewards.
    Make every day count!
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    Mobile marketing is now becoming a wide range of advertisement media into the world. I often click on mobile ads by accidentally or deliberately. But I have not bought any thing yet from these sites.There are many opportunities in mobile marketing and it is growing fast.
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    Exactly AT, admob is like adwords in the early days, as its popularity grows so will the cost for keywords. As we know of course iAds will usurp it anyway on the iphone/ipad platform.
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      I'm guessing that, as with all interruptive marketing etc, there'll eventually be an 'ad blindness' if there isn't already. With mobile marketing, the people who think outside the box, (sorry to use that overused term), will be the winners.
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