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Here's a little snippet that I wrote about using your website to portray an important part of marketing - physical evidence...

Customers are constantly looking for reassurance and this need is amplified online, in the scary, digital world of hackers and scammers. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways that you can show ‘physical evidence’, helping to put your customers at ease. As your website is the online representation of your business, high-quality, professional design is extremely important. Your site is usually a new customer’s first experience with your business, and so it’s imperative that you make a lasting impression of trust, integrity and credibility.

To help with this impression, your site can display such things as ‘behind the scenes’ photos or videos of your business, security icons, trade body memberships, awards, previous client lists, endorsements, testimonials, customer comments, guarantees, money back offers, independent reviews, and pictures of your business featured in physical news articles. Telephone conversations with customers can also add to the ‘physical evidence’ component, so make sure that your business can be contacted via phone.

Another vital element of your business website are photographs of your physical products, or shots of the various stages of your service being carried out in the real world. Too often I see sites that provide only text, assuming that the potential customer will know exactly what they are in for. It’s very important that you clearly portray what’s being offered in order to maximize your sales.
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