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Hello my name is Kenny and I am new to IM and MMO. I have been feverishly reading everything relating to creating money online for the past few weeks, and have finally decided to register to this forum and join your community.

Yesterday I made a promise to myself that I would do WHATEVER it takes to establish an income stream from the internet by 31st December 2010. Whether it generates $1 a week or $1,000 a week is not important at this stage; to start with I just want to get to the point where I am actually creating income however small.

A bit of background information on myself: I am 23 years of age and currently in my second-last year of a finance and law double degree. Recently after an extensive period of self-questioning, I have decided that I do not want to follow convention and become a corporate zombie working 60 hour weeks for minimal pay. I reference Tim Ferris here and the crucial distinction between absolute and relative income he elaborated on in 4HWW. I guess before I enrolled at University I did not quite realise the harsh reality of my two possible future careers and the incredibly long working hours that would await me.

I always felt that I had an entrepreneurial spirit and for that fact I am excited by the prospect of creating my own money on my own terms. Right now I have several ideas swimming in my head and I want to ask you guys for some help on what would work best.

A lot of the posts on this forum are concerned with making money through affillate marketing, not so much on actually creating the products that are marketed. After I looked at many of the offerings on ClickBank for a few of the niches that I have selected I was not really impressed by the products to be honest. As such, I do not feel as if I should be selling the products to customers when I do not believe in them myself. Instead, I feel I would do a better job in creating my own eBook and selling that to the potential customers in my niche.

Where do I go from here? Should I also be concerned about creating a blog and increasing the readership so as to be able to promote my product down the track? I really don’t want to write articles every day, I kind of just want to create a self-contained product and let the sales go from there. I understand that affiliate marketing is popular; but is there any benefit from trying to market the product by yourself first, then if needed expanding out to affiliates if you aren’t doing a good job? I am just thinking about having to pay commission; I realise that its good to get exposure in as many avenues as possible but in another sense I don’t want to try to compete with affiliates in marketing my product, getting PPC ads, a high google rank, etc.

A lot of the MMO products I have read have stressed the importance of creating a blog, using SEO techniques, increasing readership, establishing an email list, using PPC, and so on. Should I really be dedicating my time to understand this or should I just be concerned on creating VALUE for customers in my niche (by creating a quality product) and let it all go from there?
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    Taking action, no matter what kind, is the best and most important thing you can do. Trial and error. Making it in internet marketing is like drilling for oil. You might fail on the first twenty wells, but the one that hits oil will make it all worth it.

    Don't get stuck in analysis paralysis.

    If you want to create a product, like an eBook, I would look into some training put out by Egan Pagan. He has some good ideas for creating higher value products by creating solutions instead of just sharing your ideas. The difference is 100 fold.
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    I think the only problem you might have with creating a product first is that you could waste a lot of time (or money) creating something that might not sell. If you created a blog first (in your niche) that highlighted your expertise then you would be able to ask your visitors for input as to what type of information they would buy.

    However if you were just looking at product creation then definitely Eban has got some great ideas; or if you were just thinking about ebooks you could sell them through sites like Clickbank or Paydotcom - or throught Lulu.com and Amazon.com - all four of those sites have good traffic figures anyway so you can just focus on creating your products.

    Hope this helps and good luck
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    The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment. -Anthony Robbins

    Buy Ad Packs (Rev Share Programs)

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    It's all about having your own product.

    The blog, newsletter, successes in other forms of marketing/selling/making money are all about and leading to having that product of your own.

    If you start from day one with that you will reach your modest goals.

    And o yea, a list.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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    Take action by sticking to one method that appeals to you. Try to avoid information overload as much as possible since that gets most people stuck.
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    I agree. The best advice I ever got was to pick something and stick with it. If you keep jumping around from product to product, you will NEVER make any progress.

    Good luck,


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