Traffic stats - who should I believe?

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Hi there, just a quickie question - I check my traffic stats with Hostgator and though my Google account and the stats are really different for about six of my blog/sites - Hostgator is always higher, Google really, really low - do I just strike a balance between the two?

Only asking because i want to sell a couple of these sites, but I don't want to be promoting unreal traffic stats.

Thanks in advance
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    I have a Blog that gets 21,000+ Unique hits a day according to Wordpress Blog Stats but when i check on Google Analytics it's more like 23,000+ so i think its best to use more than one traffic tracking system to compare.

    I find Wordpress Blog Stats is good for tracking individual sources and Pageviews.
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    Server log is the one to believe.

    But since those are not always available and can be read bit differently depending on the system... so I just say: Google Analytics.

    It's just great for what it does.
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    The google stat is more real because it's the last thing to load on your page. If the user loads that they haven't hit their back button.

    The discrepancy comes from the people who load your page but close or back out before the google counter loads.
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      Another factor is how many automated systems are hitting your website. When you are just starting a site and your traffic is still low, this can be a very huge percentage.

      Awstats is a pretty good free server based stats program and by looking at the various categories - like pages visited, connect from site, etc. - you can get a pretty good idea of how much of the traffic is real live people.
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    Just use Google Analytics since it's the standard, especially when selling the site. No one is going to say "show me your hostgator stats" before buying.
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  • Profile picture of the author Curt8888 is another good one...

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    I had a post on this as well...from what i was told hostgator records refreshes as well since my site says over 3800 visitors compared to google 400 +......who knows but hostgator shows a lot more diffrent places of traffic coming to my site then google
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