Help with setting up website with clickbank order form.

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I am setting up my 1st website as a vendor so will have my ebook sales page linked to a Clickbank order form.

My web designer is asking more info about this, I don't think he has experience with Clickbank neither do I as a vendor. I have set up the account and done the steps needed on my side and the designer has done the pitch page now...

How will he intregrate the payment side of things to Clickbank and what info do I need to give them in order for them to do this?

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks alot!
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    ClickBank will process all payments on your behalf, so there is nothing to do for "payment integration".

    At the most basic level it works like this:

    YOUR SITE sales page ---> CLICKBANK payment page ---> YOURSITE "thank you" download page

    If you need your website to do something more technical like create user accounts or something, then you have to look into ClickBank's Payment Notification system. That will require PHP programming or something of the sort.

    If you want to protect your downloads so only paying customers get them, you could do the programming work or (cough, cough) check out my signature.

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    I am not sure this is what you were asking, but here goes:

    You will find detailed information on how to create a payment link from your pitch page to Clickbank's payment processor:

    Creating a Payment Link

    This will link your payment "Buy Now" or order button to Clickbank.

    You say you've already completed things on your side, so that should be all. If you have filled out the form, Clickbank will collect funds and (after a small reserve) will issue you a check every week or two for the balance in your account for any sales for the period ... minus their fees.

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    If you're interested in securing your download page, then check out DLGuard: DLGuard - Download page protector, create expiring download links

    It actually makes setting up your products quite easy as it automatically created download pages and download links for you, and all of them secure and unique to each customer.

    Or if you don't really need a security of customer management system, then you can go directly through Clickbank - it's two basic steps - set up your download page URL in CLickbank, and then create your sales link URL. Check out the Help section on Clickbank's website, as they have a lot of docs about this.

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