The Backstreet Boys Got Me 1000+ Legitimate Twitter Followers in Just Over a Week!

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I have a new passion: Dating Advice!

Many of the women I know are stuck in dead-end relationships with lame guys who are stringing them along with no intention of ever "putting a ring on it." It pains me to watch women fall for these guys over and over. So, I started a TWITTER account to help them...


Every day or so I post a new, very short piece of advice that will help women with serious dead-end dating issues. The response has been phenomenal!

I started by re-tweeting to my own followers on @MarkKayeShow (Approx 2200.) That garnered me a handful of desperate women in the first few days. But I needed a jolt of celebrity firepower. Enter Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys.

Nick Carter was the perfect person to help me gain a following becasue his followers are all young women in my demographic: 18-40. I wrote him a brife note (on Twitter all notes are brief) and we struck up a conversation. He liked the idea and posted the following tweet:

"You gotta check this out. This here's for all the girls that don't know how to end it with that douche lol. @DumpThatDude"

That's when the floodgates opened. The next morning I woke up to over 1000 followers and it just kept growing! But that's not even the BEST part. The followers I had were constantly re-tweeting my tweets. In fact, every time I tweet I get at least 10 new followers, and at least 15 of my existing followers re-tweet or respond.

Here are some of the reasons I have been so succcessful:

1) I ASKED a SUPER-popular Tweeter for help and got it! So few people do this.

2) I don't tweet too often and I don't tweet too little.

3) My tweets are specifically designed for the people who I know are following me.

4) My tweets offer advice and nothing else. No links, no sales messages, nothing. @DumpThatDude doesn't take advantage of his followers and so they trust him and become devoted fans.

5) I ask re-tweeters to retweet!

Let me explain that last part. There is a great website called:

TweetReach How Far Did Your Tweet Travel? | TweetReach

You can type in a tweet and see how far it went and who retweeted it. It also provides a list of your followers and shows you which follower's retweet had the most impressions.

What I did was simply go down the list and ask all of the top re-tweeters to tweet about @DumpThatDude and specifically tell their followers to follow! That garnered me another 100 followers right off the bat.

If you use Twitter as a marketing tool hopefully this will help!
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