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I'm changing software on my article directory site and moving the articles along with it. Right now I have about 4,00 articles. My problem is that the URL's are going to be different and it would take too long to do a re-direct for each URL. Any way to let the SE's know about my change with surprising them with close to 4,000 new URL's?

Thank You for any suggestions or help in this matter.
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    I think your best bet will be to redirect any not found page to home page (to make sure you don't lose incoming links to sub pages that will change), and for the re-indexing 4000 is not a big deal for SE if the domain is not new.
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    I think it would be worth the effort to do a proper 301 redirect (moved permanently) for each article.

    It could be done very easily IF the article "slug" remains the same in both software systems. That is, if it moves from /old/directory/how-to-wash-socks to /new/how-to-wash-socks but if the "how-to-wash-socks" part is changing then it gets a little more tricky.

    The details really depend on the layout of old vs. new, but whatever it is it CAN be done to not misplace a single link. The more established your article directory is, the more it is worth the trouble to do correctly.


    P.S. You can PM me if you'd prefer to talk specifics in private
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    Start with Google's Webmaster tools and webmaster help/forum. That is of course if you're concerned about preserving your Google ranking.

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