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Hello Everyone!

I was wondering if I could get some reviews of a new capture page that I'm designing. It is NOT completed. Any ideas, comments and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The Website is: (NEW DESIGN Uploaded on post #32)


Ok.... Hate to revive an old thread..... BUT.... I went and redesigned the whole dang thang! I'm the biggest critic of my work, I swear..... I am really liking this new design though... tell me what you guys and girls think.

Kevin Alexander)

Although I've been making money online for almost 2 years now, This will be my first IM product.

The capture page and product are NOT complete. The form on the page is now active (after post #29) but I'm not looking for optins here. Like I said, the course isn't even complete yet. I didn't want anyone thinking I was trying to promote the product here in the main forum. Just looking for critique from fellow IM'rs.

Thanks in Advance,

Kevin Alexander
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    I like the graphics and the blue colour but maybe it could do with a different colour border for contrast?

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    Ouch. Honestly? Not so good. Graphics are grainy, I don't know what the vid is supposed to be of, and the copy needs work. That claim up top isn't FTC compliant either. Sorry to burst a bubble, but I'd start over from scratch. Maybe use a blog template to clean it up and get a new graphics designer.
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      Originally Posted by Rich Blondi View Post

      That claim up top isn't FTC compliant either. .

      I am just wondering why the claim is not compliant?


      In regards to the look of the site, first of all, congratulations!

      It looks ok to me (although the opt-in text is choppy and it does resemble other sites I've seen lately) ... I think it will all depend on the content of your video.

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    Ouch is right! lol.. I'm not done with the page. Still a work in progress. The video and copy are just placeholders for now. Probably should have mentioned that in my first post. I sincerly do appreciate your honesty however, thank you.
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    It looks ok to me except for the black background in the header. That's about design.

    The copy seems good. You'll need to test it. I'm wondering if cutting down on the words improves results?

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    Don't forget to add alt or title tags to your graphic title

    When your disclaimer page etc is ready don't forget to do a false target

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    Hi Kevin,
    Firstly - i dont like to scroll. Maybe a good, hypnotic video is enough. Think about it - a good headline - Ok (download this free...).
    Second - proof - (this system generated...).
    Third - call to action - download, get instant access - cool.
    That's it. Finalize. You dont need those sentences below. Do it in the video.

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    Like the download stuff, not sure about the blue header, think it needs something, a bit more work on tieing in zero with what the product is
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      you're not going to like me

      I will zip in and zip out, like the customer.

      "Niche Project Zero" honestly threw me off. the name... I couldn't grasp it or understand it at first glance. that's all we get from customers. so the copy stood out as overkill kinda, because it was the "Zero" and niche project that was not explained up front. and held up my mind on it.

      I'd rename it.

      I have no idea what I'm going to be getting from the site, except an "internet marketing course".

      This is the battle for goodname, one that tells me what it is.. and is catchy.

      Niche is also a word that most newbies aren't real familiar with or cant pronounce. It just makes it less discernable to the "catch them in the first instant" game we play on the internet, no thinking involved. Simple Simple works best

      appreciate you letting us look at it and getting yourself some honest feedback.

      some brainstorm thoughts for a name, but you may already have your heart set:
      "create your niche project"
      "Start from Zero Project"
      "Zero Niche Needed"
      "niche project creator"
      "niche creator"

      show us your final.
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    Hi Kevin,

    Assuming you want people to sign up more than anything else, I have a wild idea.

    Make the header your footer. Your image takes up too much valuable space above the fold.

    The questions is: Do you want people to notice your graphics or sign up?

    Also, you could maybe use one of your bullet points as the headline (slightly altered). "Living Paycheck to Paycheck Sucks! Stop Trying to Make Ends Meet!"

    In general, the more "meat" you have above the fold, the better.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    Ok.. Just threw a whole new design together..... What do you guys and girls think?
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    Hi Kevin,

    My first rwaction is that it still needs something, but I absolutely love how you have it all above the fold. That's a major improvement.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    Thanks Michael! I really appreciate the feedback from you and all the others... I'll keep tweaking it... I threw that design together in about 45 minutes or so
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      Made a couple of tweaks.... I'm kinda liking this design...
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    Looks really good now, try getting rid of the "page shadow" effect on the right and bottom borders
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    make the privacy policy and footer links small and obscure. the last thing you want your visitors to do is to leave that page to go read a disclaimer.

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      Kevin, this is probably off topic, but I'm having a problem with your domain name.

      "Niche project - zero", is not a catchy name and does not evoke a positive or money making tie in. I would suggest "Zero to Hero - Niche Project" or something like that.

      Hope that helps,

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    I have seen and reviewed you website.It is nice website but you have to make more attractive. The good thing is that you are giving us a free course which is the most beautiful thing in it.I really appreciate your effort for this.
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      Guys/Girls: Thanks for all the feedback! Really appreciate it! I'm still tweakin! Implementing all of your ideas and advice...
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    I like the capture page. I would add red as headline as most marketers do. Apart from that its best as such.
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    Made a few more tweaks to the header and Added an Optin Box.... AGAIN: I'm not looking to get optins from this thread, just the natural progression of the squeeze page!
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      Much better.

      I would make the background of the opt-in the same grey color so it blends.

      Definitely better with a widescreen vid layout.

      I would think it would look even better with the whole page grey and not white at all.
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    Tweaked the header a little more... and added a new Product graphic... Tell me what you guys/girls think!
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    Favicon Added.... Thanks for the feedback!
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    Couple more tweaks... Added a background.... Think this is going to be the final version... Off to work on the intro video! And the actual course itself (it's about half way done ;-) )
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    The Final Revision (to this design, I am going to do some split testing with another design later) Did some tweaks to the graphics... Added a Video (I'm going to narrate the video later, my mic went kaput on me today, so for now I just added a cool epic like track)
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