Video testimonials using actors?

by DavidO
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I've never used a fake testimonial and I never will.

But how do I stand using a real customer testimonial "performed" by an actor on video?

It seems to me that this is common practice on TV. We know those people aren't the real customers. I'm willing to bet most of them are totally fake.

But what I'm proposing is a real and documented testimonial... only the "image" is fake.

Okay? Not okay? What do YOU think?
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    I am of the opinion that ethics is always going to be debatable I don't like that because it is fake..... but who would know, and this who would know principle is the breeding ground for many deceitful things testimonials being one of them.

    I think ethical people have become the perceived exception not the norm so even if your testimonials are real many will believe they are fake.

    So my vote I don't like it but I will never know.
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    I noticed on the Activia commercials that in the beginning when they used actors, there was a caption on the screen saying they were actors. Looks like they were covering their bases with full disclosure.
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      Yes, I was going to mention these captions. Sometimes they will post a small notice saying "This is a professional actor" or something to that effect. Maybe it's a requirement now.

      But I almost think this is even worse from a marketing view. Basically, you're calling attention to the fact that it's fake and this probably devalues the testimonial more than anything else.

      I really don't see an ethical problem with using an actor if the words are genuine. I've had situations before where the customer was high-profile and the only way I could use his testimonial was by using a pseudonym. Real words, fake name. I think this is similar to the video issue: real words, fake image.

      However, it's an obvious hornet's nest which some people would object to. I'd sure hate to be questioned on it. And since I don't like the "This is an actor..." option I think I'll just forget the whole thing.
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      Thanks for these useful resources, sbucciarel

      But I doubt if they'll make me give up on testimonials... I still find them valuable.
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    Well it is possible. . . If you give your product to an actor and he uses it . . . It's not a matter of fake things, it's a matter of how credible and good your product and your name either. . .And how reliable your product is. . .

    Jayme Jones - Hey I'm new here but still learning alot. Thanks for all the warriors that are giving good information about how to earn money.
    Thanks.... Hope we all make alot of money.

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    Infomercials have been doing this for years. Did any one see ABC's "What Would You Do" Program about hiring regular people to give a testimonial for a hair product. The people were being paid $75 and they saw that applying the product that peoples hair would fall out and the product could even cause cancer. Right now people are hard up for money and will say anything to make a buck. They never used the product and its the same thing as hiring an actor.

    Launching a product?

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