How To Add 100's Of Subscribers To Your List Every Day - For FREE

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If you'd like to know the biggest secret to gaining a consistent
SURGE of new subscribers onto your list every single day, then
you're going to want to pay very close attention here...

Because while everyone and their dogs is working their tail-
ends off trying to squeeze little drops of free traffic from the
search engines, or paying obscene amounts of money on pay
per click ads...

The list building secret I'm about to reveal takes just a little
bit of time, a well thought out plan, and can rapidly create a
non-stop subscriber flood to your opt-in list, every single day.

The Secret?


You need to tap into the best and most abundant traffic
stream available.


"But why would affiliates promote poor little old you's products...
when there is so much already out there and so much competition"...
I hear you say?

Because you're (if you follow my advice) about to embark on the 1
thing 99% of online marketers are simply TOO LAZY to do.

Create An Optimized Sales-Funnel That Yields a HIGH EPC
(Earnings Per Click)

Here's the thing:

Right now there are most likely hundreds if not thousands of
affiliates in your market that control hoards and hoards of traffic.
These are the guys and gals that have slaved away (sometimes for
years) building huge authority sites and/or own huge targeted email lists.

In other words: THEY already have YOUR traffic!

So instead of working your butt off trying to please Google, or
blowing your wallet on Pay Per Click ads, wouldn't it make sense to
find out how you might be able to get the affiliates to send their
existing traffic to you?

But How?

Simple. You need to create and optimize a sales-funnel (where
you have your main product, immediate upsells, hopefully a
continuity/membership program... and even a BIG-ticket - high
dollar BACKEND or Big-Box product.

So once you've created at least 3 products, you need to start
tracking the percentages of people who...

a. Buy your lead (front-end product)

b. Buy your immediate upsells (or OTO's -one time offers)

c. Enroll in your continuity/membership program

d. etc....

After a certain point (and you may need to purchase some
initial Pay Per Click traffic or solo email ads to get your initial
metrics) you will be able to 'pin-down' exactly how much the
average 'targeted' click is worth to your front-end (initial) offer

.... based upon the percentages of those initial buyers who also
decide to take you up on your additional offers.

To get this figure, you just take the total sales dollar amount
and divide that by the number of clicks you got to generate those
sales, and presto... you have your average EPC.

Now here's where the magic happens:

Once you can claim and prove that you have a killer-high EPC...
as high if not higher than your competition, you simple let affiliates
know (and show them proof as necessary) and guess what?

You've just created a non-stop flood of traffic from affiliates! As
long as you're making them more (or at least as much) as the current
'status-quo-best', they will undoubtedly give your offer a 'test' and
if the numbers hold up you can expect ongoing hoards of affiliate
traffic for free!

But what about building your subscriber list?


Since most affiliates will generally want to send their traffic straight
into your products salespage, you simple need to 'tack-on' an exit-pop
with a name-capture mechanism inside it.

Then everyone who leaves the site without buying (almost all of
them) will get your opt-in bribe offer!

If you have a really good EPC it's not uncommon to start getting
500-1000+ clicks to your site daily from affiliates... and even with
a low %15-%20 opt-in rate on your exit-pop... this quickly adds up
to HUNDREDS of new subscribers each day!

So there you have it... the ultimate strategy for developing a
consistent FLOOD of new subscribers/leads into your business each
and every day.

Yes there is some work involved... you need to create multiple
products and tweak/optimize your sales funnel for high-EPC...

But surely the rewards in terms of long-term business growth and
profitability are more than worth it.

So start optimizing your sales-funnel today!
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