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...reading this HUGE forum.

Seriously. There's so much stuff in here that I'm wondering if there would be some good starting points?

Thanks in advance.
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    One thing I can tell you was when I first started out is I learned one traffic method and I got good at getting offers to convert and scaled them as much as possible. Once you know a traffic method then move on to the next one. Don't try to learn Facebook, PPC, PPV, SEO all at the same time. Stick to something and get good at it.

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      Originally Posted by Ryback View Post

      One thing I can tell you was when I first started out is I learned one traffic method and I got good at getting offers to convert and scaled them as much as possible. Once you know a traffic method then move on to the next one. Don't try to learn Facebook, PPC, PPV, SEO all at the same time. Stick to something and get good at it.
      Read and learn before you apply. This can be hard at times as people can end up learning the wrong stuff and waste time and money. You learn from experience.

      Stick to something basic and see how it goes, article marketing for eg. and you should aim to build a list.
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  • My view, is to just dip in and out of threads with no particular rhyme or reason about it. If you see something that interests you, read on. If not, go on to another thread.

    Just spend some time absorbing information.

    Once you've got a general feel, you'll have come up with an area of marketing that you think you can succeed with. At that point, focus in on that one area. Remember to check the Warrior Special Offers forum for products relating to that area too, as spending a little money on a polished tutorial source can dramatically reduce your learning time.


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    One thing that took me a lot of time to learn was not to defocus. There are many positive aspects to this forum, but the single downside is that there's too much info available out here and your head spins in many directions all the time.

    Anyways, you should take things one at a time and accept help along your way. From my point of view, just try to identify a niche that you like - don't join the newbie crowd selling IM products to eachother.
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    Read, read, read! Eventually you will begin to gravitate towards threads that interest you more than others. At that point you will probably be formulating ideas in your head on how you can take advantage of the mass amount of information available here. Once you do find a method or technique that you want to try--keep at it! Don't give up until you work through your mistakes and make it work.

    Oh and become a War Room Member instead of looking at the WSO section.
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    What's with the Hitler fixation, Klaus?

    Just askin'...

    Not promoting right now

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    Understand that there are four essenials to IM. The first is a great product. You can either create it yourself or become an affilate of something great. The next component is the ability to drive traffic to your offer. For me, this is the most challenging piece to the puzzle. For some it's fairly simple.

    The next piece, and this is really important, is to write up a compelling offer to your product or service. The final component is to have a clean, smart looking page to present your offer. This is probably the easiest part because there are literally hundreds of thousands of great Web templates out there you can get for cheap or free.

    That's it. Simple, huh? It may be simple in concept but it's not always easy. Still, master these three things and you can be successful. Good luck.
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      Learn first and then apply but don't wait to much ,and and beware with WSO they are very tempting but do not get carried away by emotion
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    I haven't been on Warrior long but I find that I gravitate towards posts that are along the lines of what I am doing at the time - example I have been thinking about getting more traffic today so had a great time with Travis's post which I saw as soon as I logged in about a 30 day traffic plan - if there is nothing available in new threads the search function on here is great.
    Best wishes
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    You can start without or without a website. I first looked around to discover the many ways of internet marketing. I've tried ebay, affiliate marketing, blogging, alibaba direct selling and of late, PPC, product creation, email marketing...

    Once I found the method/s that suited my time and interested the most, I digged in deeper and also went on to do more research to it's pros and cons. That helped me focus and understand what was required (time and $) before I took it further.
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    Where to start is Read ,study, focus, and take action on any method that interest you and stay on it , till you see another system that might scale up things for you and bring more money to you. taking action is the most important thing in starting up.
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    Concentrate upon your work and try to start a good start. Start with slow speed and increase it gradually.Start with a website and you can use word press for free after it, market it. Do forum posting and blog commenting but Don't try to learn Facebook, PPC, PPV, SEO all at the same time
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    I think the best method is to get rid of the desire to rush into this and make millions. The most important thing is to learn about marketing before you start it. So take your time...dedicate a few months to making sense of things. Then i would suggest promoting a clickbank product with various free marketing tools, or joint venturing to test the ground.

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    It really depend on what you are looking for or need now.

    I like to start from the All In One Thread...

    WarriorForum - Internet Marketing Forums - Threads Tagged with allinone

    Is not that busy there but I feel is a good start.

    Jason Ser
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    When I started out in IM I was pretty good(I thought) at making my own websites, the problem is no one was seeing them.
    Instead of doing some research about products and IM, I simply bought one "PROMISING" product after the other and tried to turn the provided information into dollars...It DIDN'T work!

    As a result I got into a small depression at the thought of failure, whilst at the same time I was blinded by the smell of BIG Bucks that were being promised to me on every corner and my debts grew rapidly as result.

    There is nothing more depressing in this market than spending money and getting no returns, so I had to find a way to get a "small" turnover in order to cover the necessary bills. The answere was simple..Don't try to run before you can walk an especially not in the IM jungle.
    Basically, I ignored the "bombardment of false promises" (that wasn't easy though) and looked for as much information as I could find on blogging/autoblogging, that in turn lead to niche and keyword research.
    Having completed that, I purchased 3 products and put them into practice and didn't deviate from the track. I started seeing an income after one month and this does nothing but grow every day.

    Hope you see the point..I wasted about 1 1/2 years paying out lots of money and getting nowhere very fast.

    Best regards
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    Well, first thing first. Know what you really want. There's always a search button about the specific topic you want to learn. Read, focus, asks, learn and apply.

    It really takes time to learn specially if you're just starting. You need be more patience and don't force your self to learn more. It's still a process. Good luck mate. You can do it.
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    You can never know too much about this business - but make sure you take massive action as well!
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