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Hi Warriors,

Could anyone recommend a good free keyword research tool, I've used the google adwords keyword tool but a lot of people on here are saying the results are incorrect.

All help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The #1 keyword research tool is your brain. Before you drill down into long tail keyword ideas, think lateral. Come up with as many different targeted but parallel keyword categories as possible, then see what kind of traffic volume and long-tail variations you can find with Google's keyword tool (I maintain that it's the best free kw tool out there) or, for a paid tool, something like Keyword Discovery, which is expensive but one of the best kw tools out there.

    My $.02.
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    Another choice is Free keyword suggestion tool for SEO, Adwords & blogging

    It gives you daily numbers, as opposed to the monthly numbers the Google Keyword tool gives.

    But, as deertrail above said, use your own mind to come up with keyword and phrases. You can also input a competitor's site into the Google Keyword tool and see what Google thinks they rank for: you'll be surprised what gems you can come up with sometimes.

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    I don't think there is one keyword tool that is accurate. Google and other search engines don't disclose the exact search volume each keyword get so there is no way to find out for sure how many searches keywords are getting.

    So the best thing you can do is go with the information you have.

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    No such thing as a best tool.

    I use Micro Niche Finder and that's good enough. I am not saying it's the best. It gets the job done.
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    I don't think any tool is 100% accurate but they will help you generate ideas. I use Google's keyword tool and I also use their wonder wheel to drill down a bit more. Traffic Travis is pretty good too.
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    I use keywordspy and spy fu
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    Just downloaded Market Samurai, is it vital to download the full version? Also I've downloaded the trial version, would I be right in thinking that all the functions labelled trial will be taken away after the trial and the rest will stay the same?
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    You get the full product for the trial period. After that, you get the Keyword Research tool for free, as it continues to function forever. Suggest you get going on using the keyword tool and then try out the other modules before trial time is up. But be warned, after using the ranking and seo competition tools, you may be hooked and need to buy!! They are really good tools, and there are more tools built in plus more to come.

    If you do buy, make sure you upgrade within the shorter period (7 days?) that gives a big discount. If you wait till end of trial (12 days?) you will have to pay full price.

    Richard, Hong Kong
    Business Consulting

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    Do any of these tools allow a bulk check on SITE competition (incl phrase match) and other stuff like ALLINTITLE? I'd like to take the keywords I get that meet my traffic standards and bulk check them to see where they fall for a basic site competion and a very basic seo check.

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    I use Keyword Discovery. They are free for the first ten terms in a keyword, but for more you have to pay. The best way to find keywords is to create a lot of content and find out what people are clicking on. Basically, use your log files to see what is pop. Then create links to increase the rank of your pages.
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