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I've been learning a little bit about AF and had planned to make a lens on squidoo and market some products with amazon. Only to find out that because of the nexus laws in NC I can't be an amazon affiliate. So I found another program, Prosperent, only to find out they use javascript for their products and squidoo has disabled javascript due to abuse problems. Then I read a little bit (on this forum) about CJ and it appears one needs to have a site with existing traffic before a vendor will accept you as an affiliate.

To keep things simple, as I've got alot to learn..........I felt squidoo would be a good platform to start on. Can anyone suggest some affiliate programs that have alot of products I can choose from which do not require I already have a site with alot of traffic in order to be accepted?

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    Have you tried Clickbank?
    "Do not wait to strike until the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking."
    William Butler Yeats
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    Hi dvhantiques,

    I am also new to internet marketing but from what I've learned and read; you can use a free blog to host your site (registering and hosting your own domain is best - but you can host for free using the blogs domain) and maybe start with ClickBank information products.

    To be honest, I started marketing some ClickBank products over one month ago but have yet to make a single sale ...

    Good luck!
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      I haven't looked into clickbank as I thought they only sold digital products and I was looking for physical products. I guess I could use clickbank on squidoo. That might be a start. Did you use wordpress for your blog and can you give me the url for the blog site? Until I know more of what I'm doing, I'm not willing to pay for a domain but certainly would consider that later.

      Thanks for your help.
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    Share-a-sale is a good one. Linkshare also.

    Here's a directory I posted on my blog.
    Domaining Diva Affiliate Network Directory
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    Hey Deb,

    For the cost of a domain and hosting you will find your path becomes much easier than trying to make a square peg (Commission Junction) fit in a round hole (Squidoo)

    Having your own website affords you some massive advantages when you're starting out. You will be able to apply a great deal more internet marketing strategies to your own website than you can to User Generated Content sites such as Squidoo.
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    Clickbank is very simple to use so that's where I would start. Find a good niche and do reviews.
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    Clickbank is very easy to use as its digital products if you want to use squidoo. If you want to use something else then start a website.

    Feel free to ask me any IM related questions or add me on skype :D
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    Hey Deb, you can register a domain @ namecheap for about 9 bucks -- that's for an entire year. You can host it there for under 6 bucks a month. Too early to do math, but it think were talking an investment of less than 2 dollars a week here.
    And look into ezine as a way to promote your site/yourself.

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    Go to ClickBank.com, they don't ask you for all that
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      I appreciate everyone's help and will start with squidoo and clickbank. I understand it's important to have your own domain and very inexpensive, so it's not a matter of spending the money it's a matter of just keeping it simple so I don't get overwelmed. After the first step, the next step will be learning wordpress, getting domain and website.
      Best regards,
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