Why Google Business Listing Isn't Enough?

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There's a business owner I have been in contact with in regards to a certain city business in which I live near.

His site is listed in the Google Business listings that appear at the top of the page. However in the actual SERPs itself, I hold the number one listing for the given keyword phrase. And he doesn't appear whatsoever in any of the search results themselves outside of that one link in the directory.

How have you made the distinction between the two to a business owner that just a Business listing isn't enough?
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    having worked with many local business owners, I know that it can be a painful process to 'convince' people into buying a product or service which they simply don't believe they need.

    Why not offer it to his competitors?
    Is the business niche one that regularly advertises?

    I am going to assume that he does not have a website?... If he is in big ticket sales or service, offer him referrals for a fee.. or something along the lines of an irresistible guarantee.

    ~ Angel
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    He actually has a niche website, but to top it all off (after he called me incompetent or a liar anyway) the guy uses 4 hyphens in his domain name with a .info.

    This post isn't served as a way to get into a pissing contest over who is right, I am just curious how other people educate their potential offline clients on this.
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      Figures, numbers, profits!

      Do some quick keyword research and work out how many potential clients he is throwing away from only listing for one keyword.

      Business owners think mentions of keywords, listings and other terms we understand are just sales ploys. They think and act in revenues and profits so just communicate in their values
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