Acne niche ... advice please?

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Hi everyone,

I'm new here and have recently dipped my fingertips into IM...

First I want to say, this forum is amazing. I've spent a few hours in here and have already learned so much --- along with an increased respect for internet marketers

My question is this:

I started in the acne treatment market just over one month ago, (mainly because I thought; there is pain, need, desperation and most importantly - millions of people actively looking for a cure) ... so, I made a website, wrote articles, a free report, and have basically worked daily for a couple of hours on this...

I've varied my key words from the most searched (high competition), to long tailed (with less competition), although the competition is outrages no matter what words I use..

I have not made a single sale, nor has anyone opted in to my list (for the free report) ...

I'm not giving up hope, but I am wondering, am I in the wrong market?

I'm not getting 1000's of visitors, but I have had over 100 (lol) at least one should have opted in by now?

--- Any suggestions?
Should I move on to another market or pound this one harder?

Also, I am wondering if you seasoned pros make money from ClickBank products?

Any other words of wisdom are greatly welcome and appreciate.

Peace and Prosperity!
~ Angel
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    It's hard to tell without actually seeing the site, but...

    Have you made 100% sure your opt-in form works?
    Is it prominently placed? Same with the's the placement?
    Are your visitors coming via SEs? If so, are the keywords targeted?

    I wouldn't give up on your site...if you're seeing some traffic, you're moving in the right direction. You said you've worked on this for a month. So what if it takes 3 months or even 4 months to see results? Once you do, it's (I assume) auto pilot income. Definitely don't give up after a month, especially if you're seeing traffic.
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    Thank you so much for your comments Publisher Point and Alexa

    Yes everything works fine and all my keywords etc are well targeted.

    136 unique visitors / 15 came from Google .. so, 129 visitors where 100% targeted (from articles)

    I’ve looked at the behavior and most visitors click off the page immediately...

    So, clearly, there must be something terribly wrong with the design? Or this group of people are terribly against opt-ins?

    I re-designed the squeeze page today which is where most of my traffic has been landing.

    ~ Angel
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    Hello Angel,

    I had similar experiences in the acne niche quite some time ago.

    If people are immediately leaving, that would suggest either they
    are turned off by the optin (you mentioned a landing page redesign),
    or they're looking for more information (without needing to optin).

    They may be expecting a content site because there's a ton of
    content online about acne, as you know.

    I've been in some markets where no one would optin no matter what
    I did, but they still bought from me. Interesting, huh?

    I would do a test and experiment from the angle of expectations and
    see what that produces. Perhaps you could mention something in your
    bio about getting a free report. Or is that something you already do? If
    not, then add that and see what happens. If you get less click throughs,
    that would suggest people are expecting an optin form and don't even
    bother to click. That will provide some clue.

    Another test would be to offer a free report with no optin, but change
    the report copy, toward the end, and put a url where people can visit
    your site. You can do a number of things at that point to try to get an

    But I would not do these two approaches together. Try the bio change
    and mention the free report - the first suggestion, first. Then just go from
    there depending on what happens.

    I would not give up, just yet.

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    Originally Posted by Angelita View Post

    I started in the acne treatment market just over one month ago,
    You've 'spotted' a good niche ,

    but on a serious note keep at it, there is some potential to get some traffic and profit from this niche.
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    If you are a newbie, I don not recommend it at all. It's frowned upon at places like squidoo and craigslist. Lots of people are viewing the acne related stuff as spam cause it's flooded to death and waaaay oversaturated. There are gazillions of EZA articles and youtube videos targeting every acne keyword you can imagine. You need experience and some copywriting skills in order to be successful in such an oversaturated niche. Sure it's possible to rank for some long tail keywords, but it really isn't worth your time. Try going for amazon sites targeting physical products (not electronics! everyone and their brother is doing electronics) or some other 'deparate help seekers' niches that don't have a million EZA articles, youtube vids and spammy posts all over the place.
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    Hi everyone, thanks again for your encouragement and great advice.

    dremora, you are correct, there is allot of spammy content all over the web on acne. It’s crazy.

    But the good news is that I am getting clicks into my site, I just need to figure out how to get them to stay - click through to an affiliate product - or opt-in to my list.

    I’m a little confused with the difference of a content site, a pre- sell site and the models in general.

    I think my sales funnel needs more focus and understand of the process?
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      If you know they're clicking off right away you have a head start on most newbies who don't know what tracking is.

      This got me through my college papers and helps a lot in sales

      Empty your mind, go to your webpage.

      You or your child have acne

      What do you want?

      What do you see?

      Is what you want in the viewable portion of the website to make you want to read further?

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        It is clearly your squeeze page that is under performing. You need to rework the squeeze page and test it out again...

        Obviously, you are not likely to get 1000s of visitors with a few articles. That requires consistent effort and real marketing.

        Don't concern yourself with folks who tell you to give up because the niche has too much competition. Irrespective of the competition, you can beat it. And you can with articles alone if you know how to get backlinks effectively (not spammy backlinks, real ones).

        I can help workout the squeeze page copy this weekend(I am having my exams. it will be over by saturday). PM me.

        Having a list in any niche will guarantee you an any time cash machine. Although I haven't tried the acne niche, I can be sure that building a list will earn you more in the long run. If you know, how to market it well.

        Make sure that you get them to double optin(this ensures people getting your emails and reading them in the future). Give them valuable tips in the form of a video or a free report. I feel that a free video will work better in the acne niche. Your choice.

        After they subscribe, hit them with email 1 which has a soft presell to your product. tell them how good the product is and stuff.

        And then email 2 - free tip
        email 3 - free tip
        email 4 and 5 - scarcity email with product promotions

        And then email 2 - email 5 again for other products. Keep trying various offers and do launches. See which sells to your audience. I recommend that you read Mark Ling's Piles of Cash report on creating a killer autoresponder sequence. the best stuff I've seen although his other report sucked.
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    Hi tylerdrun, I'd really love to contact you but I can't send messages.. Can you contact me instead?

    Thanks again so much
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    I have worked in the ACNE niche quite a bit but the biggest tip I can help you with is to work that list. As well as your content, offer ideas that may seem like they would never work but they do!

    Think of your list like a newborn. Give them GREAT information and compare things with them, etc..

    If you need any help.. I am a message away

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