Is this copyrighting?

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Hey guys I was just wondering if this would be copyrighting. If you got the HTML code of a site and changed the text and images. So it had all different content than the site you got the code from, but it still kind of looked like the other site since you basicly used it as a template. Thanks
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    It's called a template. Why take another sites template when there are so may great ones around cheap or free?
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    I am fairly sure in writing if you use more than 30% of someones full text that is definate plagiarism (some places 15%). I agree with John that you would be safer to find a legit template you can use and safe any possible hassle.
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      Make your own, that's better
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    It also depends how you "got" the html of that other site.

    If it is sold as a template for use on your site - everything is OK. If you - how to put it mildly? - took the source code of that other site and shamelessly copied it... that's not 'copyrighting', it is stealing. In nicer terms: copyright infringement.

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