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Hey guys, Wanted to get some ideas from you guys. I have a website around 2000 pages. 200ish of which are product pages. I have good rankings for my main keywords although they fluctuate a lot.. jumping between 2-6 on the first page and that does seem to make a difference in my sales.

I want to make a continuous investment of $100 (maybe more in future) into some sort of service, or maybe software which will help increase the ranking of my product pages as well as keep my main keyword(s) up by the top spot.

What do you guys suggest, How can I best spend my money?


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    Anyone please?
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      I recommend you hire someone to make you SEO articles for you and so you can have more traffic and sales
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    Maybe hiring someone to do backlinking services? Look in the warriors for hire section or another site such as elance etc.
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    It's really hard to say without knowing the content of your website, can you maybe at least share the niche?
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    Invest the time in Analytics so you know *exactly* what's making you money.

    Or why not buy up competing or related sites via flippa?
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    Sounds like a huge website, however is it on page seo optimized? It being so massive will really make an impact but i still think you should tell us a bit more about it.

    If you want to spend some money on it then i would strongly suggest you hire someone to start building a great deal of backlinks to it. There are many here in the warriors for hire section that offer great deals.
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    Hey guys, Thanks for the replys. I sell kitchen work surfaces. There's around 300 products in total. All the pages have a fair ammount of on page seo. And I currently have around 3k of back links. I got most of these 6 months ago so need to get back on top of them.

    Can any one recommend a warrior service that would fit my needs?

    Thanks again for your time.
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