Where and what will search engines be like in 2013?

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Hi Warriors,

Just curious about your thoughts as to:

  • What will search engines like Google, Bing be like in 2013 (or even 5 years into the future)?
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    After five years there will be a lot of development in the field of search engines that we will get result more better and more faster than now. After five years the Google will be on the top and behind this will be Bing of Microsoft which is getting fame much faster.
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    In the next 5 years, I would say the search engines would be high on A.I or artificial intelligence to fetch the right results.
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      Check out this video from 2008:

      I think that this guy was right on the money as far as what has developed in just the last two years.

      What I see and think will continue is what I like to call the "transparency effect" where with the implementation of more and more web 2.0 properties on websites and sites with active heat mapping technology we will see that much of the internet will turn into a more trusted source of viable information.

      The big problem with the internet is the anonymity, people have the ability to act like fools without having to answer to it. This sort of thing in my opinion will begin to decrease with more and more ways for users and customers to openly discuss and share their experience.

      As far as search engines, I think a rating system will begin to creep into the results where users are able to openly rate and leave feedback for a specific website based on many factors. The big changes will probably come from the user experience and averages playing a big role in the rankings instead of all the exploits which many marketers have relied on heavily in the past such as random bookmarking and properties designed to specifically boost other sites.

      I have never thought Google had anything against marketers, I think their intentions are to be the best search engine and give the best results available when a user searches. Sticking to honesty and total transparency should be rewarded and for the most part it is, by visitors returning to visit a good site or make another purchase after having a good experience. A rating system and real world feedback will bring the good sites to the top and push the crap to the bottom so hopefully social media aspects will continue to be used and eventually directly effect rankings.
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    I think Google will continue to dominate and will push us more towards a "consumer" web where everything is geared towards brands and power.
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      Originally Posted by jazbo View Post

      I think Google will continue to dominate and will push us more towards a "consumer" web where everything is geared towards brands and power.
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        I think google will always be the best and will continue to improve to get better results than now
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    Hmmmmm. I think that google will have moved more towards mobile technology.

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    They will have new logos and styles. Since early days of google, I've never felt any slowness...

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    If search engine keeps refining and improving what comes up in the search results, which they will, isn't that a sign for us that writing for humans will be much better in the long run instead of focusing so much on keywords?
    It seems like writing for humans instead of computers align much more with search engines long term strategy.
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      Thanks for the video. Very interesting to hear predictions from the past.

      I enjoyed the discussion of comcast, I have experienced a problem with this exact company myself and discuss it in a comcast sucks post.

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    Search is in its infancy. Google-style search may be overtaken by a social platform like Facebook. 2013 may be too soon, but I eventually see search results being shaped by social constructs like recommendations and demographics vs purely based on mechanical methods as they are today.

    If you don't understand how the social aspect is going to affect the future of search, then the train is probably going to leave the station without you on it.
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