How can i monetize my two domains ???

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Hi there,

I have two domain: and

Right now there is nothing in there,

How can i monetize this website ?

I am a web developer so i don't have problems with all the technical stuff.

But can someone please help me with some ideas on how i could monetize them ?

Both the domains are around 8 - 9 years old.

Looking for some great ideas

#domains #monetize
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    Those look like names that could sell quite well at I have not sold anything there yet but have listed and it seems fantastic.

    They also pay you for parking your domains with them by giving you a share of the traffic income.

    The Pigeon people I know are very passionate so I think a website and forum for list building there are alot of pigeon books from amazon or maybe even an ebook,
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    Thanks Cathy ?

    Anyone with anymore ideas ?

    Would really appreciate it.
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    The word - Textille, according to a Google's keyword tool, get 3.5 million searches. The word - Pigeon, gets 5 million searches. It sounds like a huge market. So, why don't you start with full keyword research to find 10-20 keywords for each site, where you can rank high? Once it is done, you can easy find some monetization methods.

    The best way to find the best monetization model is by looking what other people are doing in this niche.

    I hope it helps a bit,
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