Do Solo Ads Really Work???

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anyone have any experience with solo ads?
and what were your results
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    I have just bought some i paid approx $65 and currently got 115 new subscribers and they are still coming in, so i am pleased with that

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  • I'm interested in trying solo ads, although I've never used them before.

    Any recommendations for the best places to find people to mail, and how much to pay for a mailing? Also, is it better to direct to a free optin or a paid offer?

    I appreciate everyone's experience will be different, but will value any responses, and especially anyone willing to share case studies or numbers of the different options.


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    I got mine from the JV section here is WF.
    I paid $200 for 3 ads that guarantee 1500 clicks for the 3

    I sent out a free offer to get them on list and then i can sell to them via a OTO and future offers

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    I have never tried Solo ads but I am really thinking about it as I just read some good stuff on another marketing forum about it
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    Originally Posted by RodriguezC View Post

    anyone have any experience with solo ads?
    and what were your results
    I've used solo ads in the past, for myself and for clients with good results. They work, depending on the relevancy and quality of the mailing list and/or publication you're advertising with. Also, you need to have realistic expectations. Just because your solo ad is going to potentially be viewed by 50,000 subscribers, doesn't necessarily mean you're going to make thousands of dollars the day the ad appears - or you're going to add thousands of new subscribers to your mailing list. Chances are you won't.

    But if your ad is effective, you should get a decent ROI. It's been my experience you will have a heavy response the first day or two your ad appears. Then, it will taper off significantly with responses coming in more slowly over the next couple of weeks.

    Of course, your results may vary.

    David Jackson

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