"Two in the Heart, One in the Head"

by The Copy Nazi Banned
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I've just read a brilliant analogy on Eric "The Conversion Doctor" Graham's site. To do with copywriting. He says people don't buy because they "need" something - they buy because they "want" something. Well you know that. So we don't make a decision to purchase based on logic (the head) but based on emotions (the heart). But look how he illustrates this. I bet you never forget it. I know I won't.

What a C.I.A. Black Ops Officer Taught Me About Copywriting | The Conversion Doctor Blog

Disclaimer: nothing to do with me. Nothing to buy. No affiliate link. No relationship whatsoever with Eric Graham.
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    Brilliant post. Thanks. Now for some target practice.
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    That was a good post.

    And I found out where Vincent learned his technique....

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