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Hello Everyone,

I have been trying for days now with this issue. Some of my websites will not load at my home office but they load when I tried in local cyber café close to my house or any other location. Please, I need help to resolve this.
  • Work at the cyber cafe!!! Solution. Clearly if it's not loading on your machine... then your machine is the problem.

    Hook up a laptop to your existing connection. If the same problem then it's your router or ISP.
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    • Hey InternetMarketingIQ,

      Thanks for your prompt response. I have tried with my 2 laptops but to no avail. I guess you are right the problem could my router or ISP. So what I'm suppose to do?
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    Try using a web proxy like hidemyass.com, if your Ip address is the problem, it will show like this
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    • Wow, thanks for this wonderful resource, I will make sure to bookmark it. I have just used hidemyass.com and my website showed up. Please, what troubles I'm having if my site shows up when I use a web proxy?
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    It could be an issue with your hosting or registrar, a DNS issue or something like that. Contact your host and ask about it. Otherwise, you may check your firewall settings on your local computer. You might also check to make sure your site isn't hacked. Also try the site downforeveryoneorjustme.com
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    • I have just tried this url downforeveryoneorjustme.com and it shows that my site is up. Thank you so very much for this link. I'd never seen this before.
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    I'd contact your web host, to me it sounds like a DNS issue.
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    Try to change your primary DNS server and put this one:, leave the secondary empty or put then connect directly to your site, if it works then sure it's a DNS problem.
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    Well there are 2 possibilities:
    Your hosting blacklisted your IP address, some countries ranges are blocked by default (might email them to get it checked)

    or your ISP is blocking the hosting (not likely)
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