How to promote web hosting business

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How to promote web hosting business and how to earn quick money out of it?

tips please!
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    Make an affiliate program. Make other people promote it for a commission.
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    -Participate in Web hosting related Forums and Blogs.
    -Do guest posts on high traffic ones.
    -Build contacts.
    -Run personalized contests

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    Its one of the most competitive niches out there!. I recommend you stay out of it unless you have proper resources.
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      Yeah, but you can advertise it from so many angles.

      Article marketing is especially efficient with that niche...

      Originally Posted by Sanjay89 View Post

      Its one of the most competitive niches out there!. I recommend you stay out of it unless you have proper resources.
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    You could also offer a free service like: consulting and setup help for newbies on hosting forums, there a re a lot of people that have money but no experience.
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    A good way to do it is to sell sites on ebay for cheap but they have to pay you for hosting
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    It is way too competative, the way I do it is link it into my WSO. Maybe you could offer a free who, build up a list and then email them regarding your hosting offers. Obviously you would aim the WSO at newbies who do not yet know the meaning of hosting.


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    problem with webhosting market is the ex of bluehost or others that promise unlimited everything of under $4

    you cant compete in a market place that is conditioned with these types of offers. what you would need is either a superior offering, better customer service or offer a different USP (Unique selling proposition)

    even with a starter package like hostgator reseller, which doesnt allow overselling, you cant beat bluehost because the software will restrict it. the alternative is to get a more expensive vps and whm and allow resellers and overselling, but the circle comes around again because of the add-ons from the likes of hostgator such as enom reseller a/c, whmautopilot and other "free" stuff

    i have seen that whmautopilot(dot)com is selling an unlimited, lifetime update version of their v3 hosting, billing script for under $100 that nice thing about it is that it allows unlimited satellite sites to be created on that one licence.

    This means that you can have 100's of sites remotely connected to this one install, all unique with their own pricing and products etc.

    I was researching this subject about 2 months ago myself, if you have the time and want to take the effort to look basic costs to setup would be something like this

    Once off
    WHMAutopilot script (billing, account creation - end user/reseller/master resellers) $99
    Cost / time to create each remote (satelite) site
    Individual satelite domain name - eg) or whatever

    $9.99 p/m - ZenDesk - Ticket/Forum management with Iphone app - hosted with them
    $15 - $20 p/m - WHM/Cpanel VPS Licence on one VPS server
    $20 - $200 p/m for a VPS (Managed or unmanaged - would need to be Centos5 for CPanel)

    VPS's are all over and all pretty competitively priced. I found a company called BlueMileCloud(dot)com offering VMware cloud VPS's at pretty good prices, you could start small and then grow - I have seen some with 5TB bandwidth allowances p/m

    Once you have grown large enough you can move to a dedicated server and run VPS's and hosting on that = More space and more clients. I found a company called LimeStoneNetworks(dot)com or net i think - you can finance a quad core with them built to spec with ram and data and hard drives to grow your business even further.

    After all this information however as i said before - you need to find or create a USP that will set you apart from the competition and attract customers to you

    hope this helps
    good luck with your venture

    watch this space ...
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    I can't focus when I want to sleep and especially when I am hungry.
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    The web hosting business it not easy these days. Although the barrier for entry is low, the cost to compete on a reasonable level with large hosting companies is high.

    Keep at it, make contacts, and offer quality service and clients will come.
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