Warning to Newbies, it doesn't get easier!

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Last year I wrote my first post of how I was a tire kicker for over 9 years, and I made a commitment to take action everyday growing my internet business.

My business plan is simple, build and acquire residual income producing internet assets (blogs, websites etc).

Fast forward a year and my income grows daily and I've learned more skills taking action in a year then in the previous 9 when I was learning everything I could waiting for that magic day when I would be ready to start.

And that gets me to the purpose of this post, and that is to stress the fact that the inertia never goes away, it actually gets a little harder. Starting out you always have the excuse of not knowing how to make money for not taking action. Well imagine having the skills to make money doing anything online.

And that is the way it is for anybody who actually takes action and does the work. You know how to find markets, whats selling well in that market and how to deliver your offer to have people reaching for their wallets. You understand seo, and what it takes to get to page one of google. You have a list of backlinks and methods for getting your site to the top in a fraction of the time it would take a newbie. And all sorts of tricks you've picked up along the way.

You get to the point where you can do so many things to make money online that you don't do anything but think of different ways to make money.

I've learned to overcome this by creating a project folder and putting new Ideas in it, and sticking with the task at hand until it is finished. Then picking something that is fun and interesting to me.

So my advice to you newbies is to just pick something and friggin do it. Have an income goal, say $100 a day, and just take action until you reach it. That inertia will still be there when your done but at least then your making a hundred a day, and you have skills and momentum to try something new.

PR: wait... I: wait... L: wait... LD: wait... I: wait...wait... Rank: wait... Traffic: wait... Price: wait... C: wait...
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    You are absolutely right. There is a golden rule in life "There is no such thing as a free lunch". The more you try the more you get.

    If it's hard as hell be happy, you are doing the right things . Success has to be deserved, right Randy?
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    Taking action is important...

    Even more important is the "sleuthing ability." I'll be damned if I hear another person say "it doesn't work" and instead of researching another way when something fails they quit.

    Damn that's annoying...b/c it just doesn't have to be that way.

    Online marketing is a business like anything else. If you had 2500 in rent to pay to a landlord and inventory, employees, etc you wouldn't just say "this doesn't work" but you'd find a freaking way to make more money.

    That's what's funny online....b/c it's free...it usually attracts all the people who are where they are because they're either A)lazy or B) unwilling to adapt.

    Now...before anyone thinks I"m an asshole...realize I say this all in love and not to accuse people of anything. The fact is...most people have had their "hustling" ability castrated out of them by a corporate mainstream lifestyle.

    This saying really sums it up

    You don't get paid what you're worth...you get what you negotiate...

    This is so true..and even more so online. You get what you're willing to solve. Certain technique doesn't work? Ok try another...and another...and another...until you get it to freaking work.

    IT WILL WORK...if you do.


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  • Randy I couldn't agree more!

    Boy the amount of time I have wasted not STICKING TO ONE THING is something I would like to forget.

    I was like a moth attracted to bright objects.

    When new, if you can develop a foundation, as in an approach to internet marketing (like an opportunity) that you have found and like, yes stick to this system, learn from it and make it work!!

    Hey it may not be the bestest system ever developed but you can use it as a vehicle to learn and make some money.

    I did a similar thing and kept two folders. One was called Internet Scrutiny the other Internet Tools.

    In the first I put business systems (direct money making) that made sense to me, in the other I put promoted tools like traffic software etc.

    As I became more knowledgeable I would prune those that no longer appealed.

    Hey I may never use most of them - but doing this, sort of stops you worrying about lost opportunity etc.

    One last word - STICK TO ONE THING!

    Hope this helps.

    AND there's no such thing as a free lunch!!
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    I think taking action is critical but I also think you need to love this business. Most people come into it with the one goal of making money. That's the wrong way of going about it. You've gotta love it in order to really do well at this business AND you've got to want to help people in the process.

    I love getting up in the morning and heading to the computer. I could sit at that computer all day without any problems, even though I don't need to do that anymore. I don't need someone kicking me up the backside to get going and do something.

    I just enjoy it for what it is.

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      Taking action is the key to business success. I couldn't agree more.

      1. Strategic Action- To make sure you are heading in the right direction.
      2. Focused Action- Don't get side tracked by bright, shiny, objects. Keep heading in the same direction.
      3. Sustained Action- Don't run out of gas. Take action at a sustainable pace. "Keep on keeping on." as my dad used to say.
      4. Massive Action- As much action as you can with your energy/time available.

      "Opportunities multiply as they are seized." ~Sun Tzu
      www.CEOShortcut.com Equiping Christ-Centered Entrepreneurs to Launch their own Business.
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    Yes you post is excellent and you saying right that it is not easy for the new comers.You have explained every thing fine. You have asked about a blog and a website and I am agree with you that it is must for every internet marketer. It gives you much help.
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    You hit the nail on the head, just do something. I fell into that trap of trying to find the the next best thing, adsense, affiliate sales, drop ship etc... Just when i would start the ball rolling the next flashy idea would come around and I was on it. After a couple years a buddy finally pointed out that just when I started making some money I was moving on to something new.

    After spinning my wheels for those 2 years enough was enough. I got back to basics and stuck with one thing. That thing was simply doing my few niche sites justice by some basic SEO and adding content. It aint sexy but less than 6 months later I started getting those adsense checks each month. I am not getting rich by any means but I am now really motivated to learn more and slowly build on what I know.

    My next goal is to add affiliate checks to my income each month as well as maintaining adsense each month. After that its going to be scaling up a bit.
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    It's much more difficult to explore the unknown than it is
    to repeat what already works over and over again.

    No, man. The process can be as long or short as anyone
    wants it it to be. That takes action. I know that when I
    learn something new, make my mistakes (or in rare cases
    none), and get it right...and it's a repeatable action...

    I hit the goldmine. I can do it as many times as I need to
    until I don't want to anymore (or it becomes outdated,
    which unfortunately is more often the case with online
    marketing/business than any offline business I do)

    I can't agree it get's harder. The process is the same, but
    it's easier because you "Get it". You know it works. You
    know it makes money. You know the numbers. It's familiar
    to you, and in many ways it makes you feel good.

    For me, I don't dread doing something I know is proven to
    work for me. I look forward to it. It can still be challenging.
    Unexpected things might show up. A bad mailing piece. A
    bad tenant. etc. But if you understand it, you don't feel as
    discouraged. In fact, it makes you want it even more.
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    Well, maybe it doesn't get any easier, but I'd put it a different way.

    I think that as you gain experience you definitely do learn to be consistent and STICK with one thing until you've got it up and running. Just keep at it, keep at it, keep at it!!!

    And what happens is that it's really exciting when you start to see results. It spurs you on. So maybe not easier, but it's exciting, and the little leaps forward get you working even harder.

    It's all great stuff.

    I find that it helps to have a goal of what you're going to spend your profits on. You'll have a sum of money in mind. Just aim for that, and don't stop until you get there.
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