Best Multiple IPN Script?

by Tracy Yates 6 replies
I'm looking to buy a Multiple IPN script that can handle multiple IPNs for one PayPal account.

I found one that looks like it might do the job at www.multipleipn(dot)com (no affiliation), but was wanting a little more input from other Warriors that might be a little more experienced in running one of these.

The reason why I need this is because I'll be running 2 membership sites and need to use an IPN for one of them without screwing up the return URL for the other membership site.

If I were to set just the one IPN, wouldn't that override where the sign ups to the first membership site go as it's only set to use a basic return URL?

And, is anyone familiar with the Multiple IPN script or using it?

Does it work well?

Any input would be much appreciated.

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    I'm not sure why you would need this. Any decent membership script would have it's own built in IPN and would not require you to make any changes to any other sites or PayPal to function properly.

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      The main reason is because I wanted to run the new membership site via WordPress and am using a plug in that indeed does have a built in IPN to input, but the problem becomes that I don't want people who sign up to the other "non IPN" routed membership site to not reach the return URL and be sent off to the IPN return for the second membership.

      Does that even make sense? I don't even know anymore. I'm so confused right now and have no idea what to do to make things work properly.

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        The other option is just to run the second membership via email autoresponder. I'm sort of leaning towards that delivery method for ongoing monthly content instead of having a centralized online platform, but I don't know how well that will be received when I finally launch.

        That would end the problem of needing a multi IPN script, but it might also result in a whole lot less sign ups as well.

        This is my dilemma. Any suggestions?

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        A lot of people are confused about how IPN's work, so that is understandable.

        When a script uses the PayPal IPN it writes code to overwrite the settings you have in your PayPal account. This IPN controls what email address the money is sent to, the product id, name, price, subscription, everything. Each instance of an IPN is seperate from all others and should never interfere with another one working.

        If you have your PayPal account set up currently to work with the non IPN site the using a site that has a built in IPN will not ( keep in mind there is no accounting for PayPal errors) interfere with the first site. The built in IPN overrules the settings you have setup inside the PayPal account and all settings are kept seperate.

        I'm not sure if I am explaining this correctly but if one site uses a built in IPN then it will not have any effect on the site that isn't using it, provided that the IPN is set up correctly.

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          Thanks Johnny, you have explained it really well....and keep in mind, this is coming from someone that doesn't know the first thing about IPN beyond pasting in the IPN URL in the appropriate place :-)

          I appreciate the helpful explanation. I'll give it a try and see what happens. Guess it's time to play around in the SandBox!

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            I have two sites as well.

            One is using an affiliate program (idevaffiliates) and using an ipn on site A.

            On site B I am now using a free WordPres membership plugin that uses IPN as well.

            Will this not collide? I can't do that right?

            I believe paypal can only return ipn information to one place...or am I wrong?

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