Revolution Themes go open source...will this make a difference to you?

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So Brian Gardner, the guy behind the Revolution Themes, has released new revolution themes and the big difference this time is that the themes are open source. For you bloggers out there or affiliates that use Wordpress, do open source themes make a difference to you? What are the advantages and the disadvantages?
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    I love professional themes, and revolution is one of my highly considered theme!

    I urge you guys check it out...very professional look!

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      Originally Posted by Imran Naseem View Post

      Is the Magazine theme going to be open source too?
      None of the "paid" themes will be open source. Brian and com[any are creating NEW themes for this project.

      By the way the CORRECT link is


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    I think they are just trying to grow their user base in hopes that a certain percentage will still buy the premium themes.

    (the link was not working for me)
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    where are the opensource ones. All I saw were paid ones.


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    I have one of his themes.

    They are so good it's not even funny and they boost your preceived value for the site because they look so great.

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    All I saw were paid too, except for the "blog templates", which are hashed from the old basic original. "Office" looks pimp!
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      The link to download the themes for free was at the very bottom, under the payment links, where it says:

      "* With the purchase of the Pro/Pro Plus packages, you receive benefits for ALL themes. Download unsupported version." The word "Download" is the clickable zip file link.

      So, with each theme, you can choose a free option or a paid option for the links - the free version comes with no available support.

      Hope that helps,

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    This link works for me: Revolution Two WordPress Themes

    The original themes will not be sold after today. The profit model for the new themes is paid support. I've never required support for a theme before however, the theme I chose used a custom field to display properly so I was unable to use the theme without it. I plan on using the themes extensively so I paid for support but the casual users may be frustrated by the detective work needed to use the themes if they don't purchase a support plan.

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    All of the new themes are free but do not come with the "support system." I downloaded the Revolution Church and the Revolution Lifestyle themes. Tried to tweak them last night and I must say I just love them!
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      The revolution themes are the best!

      I have a developers license for the original themes but couldn't wait to get my hands on some of the new ones!

      I have mixed feeling about it though as a website seller because the original reason I bought the developers license was that I felt that not everyone and his brother would have the same themes. This is still true, though for the original ones as he isn't including those in the open source nor is he selling them anymore so maybe this is even better for me.

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    Have fun using the new open source themes I'm particularly fond of the Church and Lifestyle themes
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    I set up a couple of sites over the weekend using the TV theme. I could really get to like that one if they had a black on white version.

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    I think it's a great viral marketing technique...

    - Jared


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